As BlogHer Approaches

This isn’t another “what you need for BlogHer post” or “what you should wear to BlogHer piece” this is far less tangible and really only tangentially related to the conference.

This happens every year. This is my fifth BlogHer and every July the dreams begin.

A week or two ago I had a dream that Heather Armstrong was trying to tell me what to pack.

A few years ago it was the Dio swag dream.House with no roof

Last night, in my dream, I went to Amy’s house to somehow prepare for BlogHer and she had recently moved into a converted beer garden, so her house had no roof. It was actually all very cool until it started raining.

It didn’t look like this picture at all. I have no idea why I am using this graphic.

The blogging community is always with me, but the pre-BlogHer dreams, the “Oh Crap! I forgot to pack my business cards!” or the “I went out to lunch and totally missed my panel and Elisa is going to be so mad at me!” nightmares I can do without.

Anyway, I hope I see you there. If you won’t be there then I won’t see you, but I will miss you. Either way, I’ll probably dream about you.

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  1. It’s the grown-up equivalent to forgetting where your locker is or realizing you have a final in a class you never went to – dreams.

  2. I’ll see you there!

  3. LOL. I think your nightmares make more sense than mine. I keep dreaming about not being able to get to the right Hilton. That I show up at six others and NO ONE can help me find all the bloggers.

  4. YAY! Can’t wait to see you!!

  5. I’m coming this year for the first time, will try to find you and say hey!

    Now, I’d better start packing…

  6. I will miss you too.

  7. The BlogHer mania… it’s everywhere!

  8. If you didn’t have a dream about licking Darth Vader, there is no justice in this world.

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