Questions for You: Just Because

Honestly I still don’t have anything to say. Shocking, I know. My mother will never believe this.

Since I am at least 60% brain dead I will turn the floor over to you, my faithful readers.questions

Tell me:

1) Who do you think is going to the Super Bowl this year?

2) What is your favorite wine?

3) What is your favorite tv show that is on right now?*

4) What is your favorite iPhone app?

5) What should I write about next week?

*Not like right now, right now, but on this season.

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  1. smart aleck says:

    1) Who do you think is going to the Super Bowl this year?
    Terry Bradshaw, Troy Aikman, Joe Buck, Michael Strahan, Jimmy Johnson and Howie Long.

    2) What is your favorite wine?
    “I want to go to Meye-ammmm-meee”
    Oh–you mean the kind you can drink? I’m a margarita girl…

    3) What is your favorite tv show that is on right now?*
    Love Royal Pains, but that’s a summer thing. How I Met Your Mother always makes me laugh–I’m in school at night but make time to catch up online

    4) What is your favorite iPhone app?
    I am a Droid girl, but I love my coupons ap and Key Ring–you scan all of your shopper cards in so they are always with you, barcodes and all.

    5) What should I write about next week?
    A mash-up of sports, kids anecdote, withdrawal from Top Chef and something to do with the most random thought that came into your head.

  2. 1) I don’t follow sports.
    2) Dona Paula Los Carlos Malbec (I love Merlots generally, but this Malbec is wonderful!)
    3)I don’t have satellite or cable, so not sure of current shows. I watched all four seasons of Dexter this summer (thankyouNetflix) and now am on season two of True Blood
    4)I am on TFLN and FML for entertainment for me. The 6 and (2) 4 year olds love DoodleBuddy and Fingerzilla
    5) Compile the most helpful/funny/noteworthy responses to your questions.

  3. 1) Broncos. No really. Really!!! They are so due.

    2) Bonterra. Generally a Cabernet. I like reds.

    3) This one is a tie. Big Bang Theory and Amazing Race.

    4) Angry Birds.

    5) I have absolutely no idea. Sorry. I don’t know what I’m writing about.

  4. 1) Well, I’m going to go with the Patriots even though everyone will boo. All this means is that I have no friggin idea, but I hope it doesn’t involve a Manning, or Wade Phillips whom I still haven’t forgiven.

    2)Chenin Blanc (W) and Sangiovese (R)

    3) Parenthood. But the Amazing Race is starting soon.

    4) All my apps seem to be expiring. I need a new iPhone, mine is too old.

    5) What did you want to go when you grew up?

  5. 1) Who do you think is going to the Super Bowl this year?
    I’m a baseball fan. Can the SF Giants win the Superbowl?

    2) What is your favorite wine?
    Honey Moon viognier from Trader Joe’s. At $5 the price is right! And its fun to say viognier like its spelled: vee-ohg-knee-errr.

    3) What is your favorite tv show that is on right now?
    Modern Family. If you haven’t seen it you should definitely check it out. It is consistently hilarious.

    4) What is your favorite iPhone app?
    Umm. No iphone for me, I love T-mobile.

    5) What should I write about next week?
    I have no idea. That’s why I don’t have my own blog. Write about your kids?

  6. DO! What did you want to do?

  7. 1. Whoever my husband picked in the pool– we could use the cash.
    2. St. Francis Old Vine Zinfandel– it’s pricey, so unless we win that pool, I have to stick with the $5.99 bottle of Wine Probably Made With Grapes.
    3. Project Runway. But I also have Top Chef withdrawal.
    4. I don’t have an I-Phone. I only got a cell phone last year, over my husband’s protests, when I was 8 months pregnant and he went out of town for 2 weeks. See cash problem.
    5. An interview with your kids.

  8. 1. Go Vikings! I know they aren’t going to win but I love Favre and his inability to stick with his decision.

    2. Benzinger 2007 Tribute. Best wine EVER.

    3. Grey’s Anatomy

    4. hipstamatic and kindle apps

    5. couldn’t tell you what to write about. I can’t figure it out for my own blog.

  9. 1. Probably some football team.

    2. Relax Reisling

    3. I don’t know. Hoarders maybe even though it makes me itchy.

    4. I don’t have an iphone. I have an Evo. It is teh awesome.

    5. I think you should turn this into a couponing blog and only write about coupons and coupon related goods such as coupon holders. You know, for funsies.

  10. 1. Saints repeat.
    2. Don’t drink very much anymore.
    3. The Glades (A&E).
    4. BlackBerry user.
    5. You should write about this crazy cat lady in Colorado who thinks the Saints are going to be Super Bowl repeats. 😉

  11. 1. The Browns.

    OK, not really. I just wanted to give you a laugh.

    2. None. I don’t do the wine thing. I much prefer to focus on the whine.

    3. Anything that isn’t on the Disney Channel.

    4. Words with Friends. I’m a dork.

    5. How amazing Pittsburgh PodCamp was because YOU SHOULD BE THERE. Ahem.

  12. 1) Large men in helmets. While I would love to see my Steelers there, I very much do not want to see Ben there. At. All.

    2) Anything made by L’Ecole No. 41, but since I live in Pennsylvania, home of the evil PCLB who does not wish to sell anything good, I’m currently drinking a lot of The Winesisterhood’s Middle Sister line.

    3) I’ll bet Project Runway is fantastic but I never get to watch it. In fact, I never get to watch anything that is of interest to me. (I may have to move that answer to number 2.)

    4) MLB at Bat

    5) The Goon Squad, of course. They are a great source of material. I say make them guest bloggers.

  13. 1. While I’d love to say the Redskins, we are light years and a new owner away from that.

    2. I love Ehler Estates Cabernet Franc and Luna di Luna Sangiovese.

    3. Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth and Leverage. We are Luddites apparently.

    4. No iPhone, I have a Droid but I don’t use apps on it anyway so I’m pretty useless here…

    5. ‘Great’ moments in sports from the past week, kid malapropisms, wine recommendations, tips on getting the most out of your fantasy teams…

  14. 1. The Redskins, of course. What?
    2. La Crema Chardonnay.
    3. Since TrueBlood ended, I am adrift, waiting for Boardwalk Empire to start.
    4. No iPhone, but I love the Scrabble app on my Palm Pre.
    5. HellifIknow. I’m having enough trouble writing on my own blog!

  15. 1) Don’t know, although I’ll join the crazy cat lady in wishing my Bronco’s would go.
    2) I regularly drink a cheap cab that you can only get at my grocery store. When we get a good bottle it’s usually William Hill.
    3) I’m loyal to ‘my shows’: Big bang Theory, Private Practice, Grey’s Anatomy, Days of Our Lives, Parenthood, and don’t often add new ones to the mix. This, of course, is on top of all the sports watching that goes on around here.
    4) Droid girl here, too, but I’m really partial to a solitaire game called 40 thieves. Can’t put it down.
    5) You’re good at blogging, so no offense, come up with your own ideas, I need to keep my own good ideas because they are so few and far between. 😉

  16. 1) No idea. But I’m going to say NOT the Bears, much to my family’s chagrin.

    2) Pinot Grigio, but I know jack squat about actual labels. Oh, how I would like a glass of wine right now. Six more months…

    3) Modern Family, love love love. And I’m a huge Glee fan, can’t deny it.

    4) Angry Birds, though I actually cleared all of the levels, so now it has lost a little of the urgent appeal.

    5) Are your kids in the same classroom in school or separate? What do you see as the pros and cons? (Mine just started preschool in separate classes, and while there are some logistical complications, I think it’s really good in their case.)

  17. 1. The Patriots. Obviously.

    2. Arbor Mist Blackberry Merlot. I know, I know, it’s probably not even really wine!

    3. The Big Bang Theory, even in reruns.

    4. Netflix! When I was a kid we thought someday we would have little tvs in our watches. Who knew I would give up wearing a watch and have a tv in my phone instead?

    5. If I knew I might actually write on my own blog.

  18. 1. Have to say the Saints.

    2. Not a wine drinker. But I love beer!

    3. Modern Family (Must take this time to say there is a hole in my heart where “Lost” once was.)

    4. Words With Friends. All the other ones are geared to 5 year olds.

    5. Are the kids back in school? I always love hearing school stories.

  19. 1 Calgary Flames. What the hell, they have as much chance of winning the Superbowl as they do the Cup. Le sigh.

    2. When I drank I loved me some 95 Ticino Merlot. I wasn’t picky about the vinter. It was just a really great year for the Ticino region.

    3. I’m a dork who doesn’t watch television.

    4. I wish. In a couple of months Ima kick the crackberry to the curb, then I’ll get back to you.

    5. I was hoping YOU could tell ME.

  20. 1) Who do you think is going to the Super Bowl this year?
    You think I care? I predict the Vikings to win, bwaaa haaa haaa

    2) What is your favorite wine?
    Sanford Estate Pinot Noir
    or L’Aventure Optimus

    3) What is your favorite tv show that is on right now?*

    4) What is your favorite iPhone app?

    5) What should I write about next week?
    Your sex life (not as funny as the Vikings winning the Super Bowl answer, but almost)

  21. 1) Who do you think is going to the Super Bowl this year?

    You. You should really go. And take me. I’ve never been to Dallas. We could vlog from the parking lot.

    2) What is your favorite wine?

    Definitely not the one I’m drinking now, which is really disgusting. I need to stop buying these blends at the overpriced hippie yuppie market. You know I’m a fan of the Stump Jump, and Agua Piedra Gran Reserva Malbec is lovely.

    3) What is your favorite tv show that is on right now?*
    The Great Food Truck Race, and I’m stupidly excited for Glee to start on Tuesday.

    4) What is your favorite iPhone app?

    5) What should I write about next week?
    Things that inspire you are outstanding for writer’s block. Take your pick, food, football or music.

  22. 1. Uh…Australian here…I guess it will be a team of really big guys with padding???
    2. Wynns Coonawarra Estate Cabernet Merlot…mmmmm
    3.Er.. I haven’t even caught up with the old ones yet…
    4. Google…for instant gratification, any where, anytime.
    5. Surprise me…

  23. Well, I love answering this type of thing, even when (as in this case, as you’ll see) most of the questions are meaningless to me…
    1. So, I’m British and live in France and pretty much loathe sport, so I’m just going to say two random team names : Miami Dolphins and the SF 49ers (I’ve always loved these two names).
    2. I’m not a big wine (or anything alcoholic) drinker, but I do like a nice Pic St Loup (my local wine!).
    3. I’m pretty much addicted to MasterChef (in its first season here in France) and Koh-Lanta (which I’m guessing is like Survivor – a group of people in two teams stuck out on an island in Vietnam).
    4. [small, embarrassed voice] I don’t own an iPhone, or even anything resembling an iPhone, and so have no idea. I do have a mobile phone, but that’s really what it is: a PHONE (and I barely use it). Just call me a Luddite…
    5. Whatever goes through your mind – your posts always make me laugh, so I’m pretty easy for this one!

  24. 1) Seattle Supersonics… no… wait… Las Vegas bookies

    2) free

    3)DAMN YOU ASTERISK!!! Burn Notice maybe, but the new season starts this week and that may change.

    4) Android OS!!

    5) Hell, what should *I* write about next week?

  25. 1) Who do you think is going to the Super Bowl this year?
    I have to say the Eagles…it’s in my blood to experience disappointment. The Phillies winning the World Series two years ago threw off my entire world view, I’m still recovering. We’re pessimists here goddammit!

    2) What is your favorite wine?
    My husband introduced me to Bull’s Blood at $5 a bottle and I really do think it tastes like a fancier wine. That being said, he brought it to a dinner meet up with my college friend and her snooty husband and they never called us again. I blame it on the fact that he revealed the sticker price and not because I got pretty tipsy on my first outing after my firstborn. Personally, I’ll drink anything anyone hands me so I’m not a good judge. I would take recommendations.
    3) What is your favorite tv show that is on right now?
    Being Human. It’s on BBC America and yeah, it’s got Vampires, Werewolves and Ghosts but not at all in the way that you’d imagine. I am fully invested in the three main characters and tend to stay up past the late night feeding of Baby #2 just to catch up on it.
    4) What is your favorite iPhone app?
    Well, Facebook is a must have but it’s not a super fun one, Words With Friends is really my favorite–I’m a scrabble nerd.

    5) What should I write about next week?
    I have no idea. Hell if I know, my blog dried up when I had my kids because I didn’t want a mommy blog because before that it was a “drunken whore’s blog”…now I want a mommy blog but I don’t seem to have the time juggling these two!!

  26. Your Mother says:

    You’re right – I’m stunned!

  27. 1) Who do you think is going to the Super Bowl this year?
    My husband will protest if i don’t say The Bears. Even though we all know it ain’t true.

    2) What is your favorite wine?
    I’m a margarita or fruity drink girl.

    3) What is your favorite tv show that is on right now? Grey’s Anatomy (although I could list a pile I intend to watch intently)

    4) What is your favorite iPhone app?
    I am anti-iPhone. Bandwagon buzzword useless phone. I’m a blackberry user but not really a fan. When it’s time to upgrade I intend to go with Palm Pre or Pixi. Apps are for computers.

    5) What should I write about next week?
    Funny school stories from your squad. Ready, Go.

  28. 1. I have no idea. Who’s your favorite team? Them!
    2. Mmmmm, wine! I love this silly wine called “The Boxer” which is made by a company called Molly Dooker in Australia. My sister turned me on to Le Cigare Volant from CA which is stellar and sometimes available at Trader Joe’s. I also love almost any Pinot Noir from Oregon or, in dire situations, possibly whatever 711 has at five before midnight. Or Charles Shaw. I have a refined palate and tons of class, I know.
    3. MadMen.
    4. I am addicted to Angry Birds but I also love Twitter and more recently, Gowalla.
    5. I love the throwback posts, anything Squad related and photos.

  29. 1. I always hope for the Patriots because of my upbringing, but I really don’t care.

    2. Currently it’s the Cupcake sauvignon blanc, although I usually love red wines way betterer.

    3. Jersey Shore. I can’t help it. But The Event was pretty awesome tonight, despite playing with the timeline too much.

    4. Shazam. I don’t have an iPhone but my BFF does and she used it a lot for me this past weekend. And then I finally downloaded it for my Droid. :)

    5. My philosophy on blogging does not permit me to offer you topics to write about. :) “If you have nothing to say then say nothing.”

  30. It is my opinion that only twenty year old hipsters ask about APPS unless we are talking about appetizers and if so I am in. So I’m waving this question.
    I like cheap fruity wine. Colts will win the Superbowl. Doctor Who is my favorite TV show. And you should write about how much I rock, which is always my opinion.
    And never ever, say APP again.

  31. Trisha Tomasino says:

    Drinking beer with my boys…eighty dollars. Witnessing the New England Patriots beat the crap out of the Miami Dolphins on Monday night…absolutely priceless.

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