Randomness Part 132

– Wondering which words Google Instant has blacklisted? Wonder no more.

– October 23 is Make a Difference Day

Kristabella wrote a great post over on Draft Day Suit about what people wear to football games. Did you know that in the south (I mean, not the Florida south, but the south south) collegians dress up for football games? Like dresses and heels? I did not know that. I certainly don’t understand it.lego-kiss

– If you enjoy short fiction you should check out Polite Fictions. You should especially read this piece by my friend Two Busy. “What Happens After Impact“.

– Have you gone over to Hot Metal Street yet? Laurie and I finally have an outlet for all of the stupid links that we just used to send each other.

– Speaking of Laurie – Reubens of Unusual Size. (No intro required.)

– A preview of Top Chef All-Stars Season 8

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  1. I wore dresses to every college football game I ever went to. Then again, I went to two VERY Southern universities, one in Old Virginia (as they would say) and one in the Deep South.

    Sundresses were easiest, and cool in the hot weather as well.

    But after just one time wearing a fancy dress, heels, and a hat to a HORSE RACE, where we drank lemonades all afternoon, I have to say … that was strange.

  2. Gotta defend the South here Yes, we wear dresses to games. But, rarely heels, mostly cowboy boots! I never really thought about it being odd. It’s just what we do. It is much cooler to wear sundress to a game. And, it makes you feel better when your team may not be having the best game or (ahem) season!

  3. Well, hell. That was awfully kind of you. Thanks!

    ::punches Sarah in shoulder::

  4. As an LSU alum, I wore dresses to all the games b/c everyone else did (also, I was Greek and it was expected). As an adult with kids…jeans and a Tiger shirt of some sort and flip-flops. But the dresses are still there. Sometimes it is a lot cooler to wear a dress. I see the girls wearing them with cowboy boot and heels, and the heels look so uncomfortable to be walking around a stadium! The girls look good, though!

  5. I never thought I would have a reason to say this, but I need to know if that KISS lego set is really available for purchase somewhere.

  6. I went to Mizzou and yes, if we were wearing our sorority pin, we were expected to dress up for football games AND basketball games (particularly if you were sitting in a house block).

    When I lived in Georgia, I did attend horse races dressed up in heels and a hat (and don’t know what else you would wear to a horse race? Everyone was dressed that way!)

    However, if I were to take my kids to a game today, I’d be in jeans and a t-shirt!

  7. thank you for indicating that florida is NOT THE SOUTH. now could you please convince texans that they are not either?

    must go press my garnet dress for the carolina/alabama game tomorrow. GO COCKS!

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