Sometimes I Hate eBay

I hate ebay

Gardening for Dummies indeed.

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  1. Hahahahahaha your face is PRICELESS.

  2. Is it wrong to laugh? Because I don’t really mind being wrong once in a while.

  3. That calls for bad feedback, Sister. (Did they at least pack it in a super large envelope?!)

  4. Apryl's Antics says:

    You don’t need to carry a big book out to the garden do you? That one’s handy. Yeah. I wouldn’t see the bright side of that, either.

  5. That is high-larious.

  6. Apparently dummies don’t need to learn a lot about gardening.

  7. I love the abandoned Barbie behind the sofa.

    The pocket version of the book sucks.

  8. aaawwww! It’s so cuuuuute!

  9. That is TOOOO funny! And yes, your face is PRICELESS!

  10. hahahahahahaha!

  11. Um, It’s fun-size!

    and the expression on your face :0)

  12. Bwahaha!

    You should write a Dummies book about this 😉

    Stuff like that happens to me ALL the time, you’re not alone.

    (Seriously, write that book.)

  13. Bwaaaahhhhaaaahhaaaa.

  14. I’d hate to see “Stamp Collecting for Dummies.”

  15. Hey! We have the same water bottle! Oh, and this is hilarious! I once ordered what I thought was a full sized ceramic casserole dish off of ebay and when I got it it was a teeny, tiny ramekin. So it amuses me to see someone else get something itsy, bitsy in the mail.

  16. If you water it will it grow?

  17. That is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen.

    Know what I got on Ebay this week? A Caps lunchbox. I win. I WIN.

  18. Send it back! There is nothing more annoying than misrepresenting items on the web. Real sorry to read this. But most people are good to deal with. However if you Live Green and Buy Local the then this problem can be reduced!

  19. Ah hahah, priceless! 😀

  20. smart aleck says:

    Okay, here’s what happened.

    They had the full sized book…but you won the auction.

    Mr. ISellEverything said, “Sarah,GoonSquadSarah won the bid. But she is no dummie–she knows EVERYTHING!”

    Mrs. ISellEverything said, “You are correct, but she *did* win the bid. Let’s send her the tiny version with the few remaining things she might not know–we still get the sale yet we don’t insult her in the process”

    Mr. ISellEverything said, “Yes, good plan. And we’ll use the giant envelope just to make her mail carrier’s life a living hell. Bwahahaha…..”

  21. Hahahaha!

    Does it say something like “go outside. Dig in dirt. Plant seed. The end.”?

  22. BWAHAHAHAHHAAHA!!! Oh. [cough] What I meant to say is: what a rip, damn stupid ebay! :)

  23. Tell me that’s a packet of seeds!


  24. GAH, you sooooo got burned!

    But it really IS a good book, pick it up some place else!

  25. Mr. ISellEverything said, “Sarah,GoonSquadSarah won the bid. But she is no dummie–she knows EVERYTHING!”

    <<That is awesome! Good laugh! The picture is truly priceless!! Sorry that happened though!

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