Columbus Day

I just found out last night that my kids don’t have school on Monday because of Columbus Day.

First of all, WOW! I should really look at the calendar. We would have been standing out at the bus stop at 8:45 completely bewildered.

Second, didn’t we all agree that Christopher Columbus was an evil imperialist interloper?

No wonder kids are so confused.

Why are we still celebrating him? If we really need a day off of school in October we could take Halloween off or celebrate Bob Geldof’s birthday. He was born on October 5 and Geldof has done a lot of good. Other October birthdays I would throw out there as options? Sting (Oct. 2), Mahatma Ghandi (Oct. 2), Rutherford B. Hayes (Oct. 4), John Lennon (Oct. 9), Guiseppe Verdi (Oct. 10), Jerry Rice (Oct. 13), Friedrich Nietzsche (Oct 15), Zac Efron and/or Mike Ditka (Oct. 18), Pele (Oct. 23), F. Murray Abraham (Oct. 24), Pablo Picasso (Oct. 25).

Probably the Zac Efron and Mike Ditka day makes the most sense. Gabe says we could call it Ditkfron Day.


Problem solved.

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  1. Combined they would make a burly drag queen. Ick.

    My friend posts this every year on Columbus Day, or uh, Indigenous Americans Genocide Day. Probably a good day for the Native American Museum (which is a great excuse to go to its cafe…best food on the mall I think. :))!/video/video.php?v=1094029805720

  2. Here in South Dakota we have the day off for “Native American Day”

  3. When I was at Berkeley, they called it Indigenous Peoples Day.

  4. Let’s celebrate them all. Fine. Aces. Just don’t close the damn schools. I just found about Monday too, and now I have to find a way to do a ton of work tomorrow while my kid hangs out with me and bounces grapes off my head.

  5. We have school Monday but are closed Friday. What the hell is Friday? It’s not even a day.

    They open Monday and have an open house for parents. So we go and observe the classroom.

  6. smart aleck says:

    We could just call it “proof that men don’t ask for directions day”…

    Or take a day to gorge on candy corn.

    Did you know that 15 states have towns named Columbus?
    That doesn’t include the Columbias.

  7. I thought it was called Founders Day now. :)

  8. 8:45 for the bus? What the hell time does school start?

  9. It’s so weird to me, that some people have it off and others don’t. My kids are in school today.

  10. Out yonder in hippie CA we don’t have it off. Pele day! It is now on my calendar. Our 11 YO “puppy” Pele died 1 year ago last week so we’ll celebrate them both.

  11. My kids got a week off. They call it Fall Break. Who ever heard of such a thing?

  12. We had school today. Of course, we have Friday off for UF homecoming.

    And what’s with 8:45 for the bus? What time do they get home? I have to be at school by 7:15 when the buses ARRIVE!

  13. Before I even read the end of this post, I had decided to celebrate Ditka day. Gabe’s version is even better. It makes me want to stop washing my hair, wear skinny jeans and walk around saying “That’s easy…Ditka IS God.”

  14. It took all the willpower I could find to keep my mouth shut when Mia came home from school talking about the awesome things she learned about Columbus. All of it.

  15. I’m with the rest of your commenters. School should start early for little kids. Oh, and they should all arrive in pajamas. :-)

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