Randomness Part 133

Randomness Part 133: Other things I have written this week.

James Franco in drag.

Do you need tips to make meal times less stressful? I can help you out. I have ideas over on Work it, Mom.

Some embarrassing sports videos.

Some guy tried to raise $10 million to get Weezer to stop making shitty music.

There was that whole thing about Brett Favre’s Penis.

My Ultimate Family Vacation

* * *

Truthiness Day 1 – Something I Hate About Myself

This is easy! Where should I start? My belly?

Dear Belly,

I hate you. You are ugly and you dress funny. You are too big and you have weird stretch marks from when you held the twins in. It isn’t like I liked you before. You were never cute and flat. You never looked like those flat stomachs in magazines – not even when I did sit-ups until I threw up every single night.

* * *

Well, truthiness. That felt terrible. Tomorrow is love. Maybe that will be better.
* * *

Here is a random picture I found on the internet.


* * *

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  1. Your belly and mine should hang out. Mine loves red wine and every single carbohydrate in the universe and also cheese. That aside, I am not sure how I feel about “one thing I hate about myself,” the love idea sounds more fun. :)

  2. Holy shit, I wrote about hating my belly for day 1 too.

    You’re one busy girl.

  3. I have belly issues too. It doesn’t help when strangers ask me when the baby is due.

  4. I think you and I (and maybe some others) should do a Meme just about James Franco. He’s so diversified. Heh.

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