Day 2: Something I Love About Myself

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  1. You crack me up too.

  2. You crack me up too. Thanks for the links – I’m going to revisit your hilarity today.

  3. You are hilarious!

    I just have to be honest–I am stealing these prompts for NaBloPoMo.

  4. Is there really anything funnier than underpants and poop? And the Cracker Barrel quote is even funnier when I know exactly what your voice intonation sounded like when you said it. With you, it isn’t just the words. It’s the delivery.

  5. Ha, I said it that way too. Writing prompts. To try and not scare away my readers.

    Truth is, I am loving reading all of these. I had a harder time with this one than the last one too. I also love that you laugh at yourself. I find you to be down right funny.

  6. yup. yup. laughing just reading this.

  7. Sarah, you are not alone.

  8. I LOVED the underpants-falling-down story. You make me laugh, too.

  9. you crack my shit up too, even if you do eat chiken in a biskit

  10. That is one of my most favorited tweets ever, and I didn’t even say it. I can’t believe I didn’t make you mention Oates.

  11. You crack me up, all the time. Just an hour or so back, on twitter, in fact:

    “I just earned the “domestic” badge on Yelp. That is so not metal.”

    I laughed. I should tell people things like this more often. xo

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