People Are Strange

I rarely look at this kind of thing anymore but I was looking at keyword searches and I realized somebody had run across my humble site by searching “Sid Vicious fan fiction”.

I’ll give you a moment to process that.

So yeah, I thought I would look around and see what else was going on.

115 out of the last 1300 people here have arrived by searching for pictures of Fonzie.


I spend a lot of time thinking about my feelings and crafting sentences so that people can find Arthur Fonzarelli.

50 of my last 1300 guests were here looking for hamburger helper. 17 visitors thought they would find nude photos of Laurie Berkner.

Yes. I’ve been trying to convince my mother that I am a respectable writer with a strong internet following and it turns out that a lot of people are just dropping by for this.


I think I don’t understand people.


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  1. Frank Sucks says:

    And I thought this would be a post on the Doors

  2. Top referrer on my personal blog? People searching for photos of Janis Joplin. I have ONE in the entire blog.

    Go figure.

  3. I usually get searches for the different slang words for breasts (the most popular search for my blog is ‘sweater hams’).

  4. I was hoping for a Doors post too. and now I have the song stuck in my head. Damn you!!

  5. I have stopped looking at mine. I decided it was better for my sanity. Or something.

    Fonzie huh? Nice. Ha.

  6. Now I’ve got the song stuck in my mind. *dun, dun, dun, dun* People are strange, when you’re a stranger …


  7. I get searches for the photo of the “blueberry girl” (Violet) from Willy Wonka. People are indeed strange. Hey, at least they stop by.

  8. The Laurie Berkner thing is bizarre. that’s a bit of a specific and odd fetish.

  9. It’s probably best that I don’t know how to check this particular analytic for my own blog.

    P.S. Did I ever mention I found yours by Googling the phrase “Pantsless Monkey Mime Buttcheeks?” Just thought it was worth mentioning.

  10. I’ve gotten “megan fox toe thumb” quite a lot. Perhaps not as weird as it could be, but still.

  11. Never been inclined to search but that is damn funny. And the Laurie Berkner thing is…uncomfortable as my 1 year old likes dancing to her music….

  12. smart aleck says:

    I don’t think it matters how they find you as long as they do.
    It’s similar to my road trip habit of looking for mom and pop restaurants with law enforcement or EMT vehicles out front (minus the police tape or sirens). The food is always great, but you don’t want to tell the owner how you found them.

    I can’t remember how I got here, I’m just glad I did.

  13. people stop by my blog searching for “poopy fat finger sex fatty sex poop”


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