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Day 2: Something I Love About Myself

I guess I should have explained why I was writing about hating myself the other day. It’s a meme. I know. You are probably already gone, but if you are still here let me explain. I am going to try to do this 30 Days of Truth thing. Meme sounds so boring. Let’s call it […]

Randomness Part 133

Randomness Part 133: Other things I have written this week. James Franco in drag. Do you need tips to make meal times less stressful? I can help you out. I have ideas over on Work it, Mom. Some embarrassing sports videos. Some guy tried to raise $10 million to get Weezer to stop making shitty […]

Columbus Day

I just found out last night that my kids don’t have school on Monday because of Columbus Day. First of all, WOW! I should really look at the calendar. We would have been standing out at the bus stop at 8:45 completely bewildered. Second, didn’t we all agree that Christopher Columbus was an evil imperialist […]

Sometimes I Hate eBay

Gardening for Dummies indeed.

Is Lowering the Rim the Answer to Women’s Basketball’s Attendance Problems?

I try not to do this too much but I wrote this post for BlogHer yesterday, cross posted it on Draft Day Suit and now I am cross posting it here. If you are looking for something lighter, check out my Top 6 Embarrassing Sports Music Videos on My Life Scoop. It is no secret […]

Pictochat Irony

This is actually ironic. In your face Alanis Morissette! Originally uploaded by GoonSquadSarah

Randomness Part 132

– Wondering which words Google Instant has blacklisted? Wonder no more. – October 23 is Make a Difference Day – Kristabella wrote a great post over on Draft Day Suit about what people wear to football games. Did you know that in the south (I mean, not the Florida south, but the south south) collegians […]

Get Out of the Street!

I have this totally stupid thing that has been bugging me. The new moms at my bus stop stand in the street. I know it sounds silly, and I know it shouldn’t be a big deal, but what kind of example is that? How am I supposed to teach my kids to stay out of […]