“O” Stands For Awesome

Today is report card day, and being the parent of two six year olds we have our first official report cards.

When Ian got off of the bus he informed me that he got a bunch of Gs and Os and that G stood for good and O stood for awesome.Ossum!-O-is-for-Awesome

I told him that I was pretty sure that O meant outstanding.

He insisted. “No, G means good, O means awesome and S means sort of.”

So I pulled out the report card, a sure enough, O was for outstanding, G meant good and S represents satisfactory. There was also an N for needs improvement.

I asked Ian what he thought the N stood for.

He said he didn’t get any so it didn’t matter.

Claudia thought that the N probably stood for narrow.

I asked her if she thought “narrow” was a good grade or a bad grade. She just stared at me.

Then my iPod that had been playing innocently on shuffle in the background came across “Party and Bullshit” which has somehow become a singalong* song at our house.

Parenting = Needs Improvement


* It has become quite the favorite since it is the only case in which my children are allowed to say bullshit. They think it is the greatest thing ever.

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  1. I would like to suggest
    N= Nefarious or Notorious or Ne’erdowell

    And Dumbass is a completely acceptable term for all members of my household to say.
    And because we watch so many British sitcoms, Cock, Tit, and Twat are making surges.

  2. Last year my son seriously thought his “O” stood for outrageous… it really does mean that this year.

  3. Owesome, and out-of-this-world, effort. Simply outstanding.

    I remember getting a U in school. U stood for really sucky.

  4. Your son is no sillier in his “O for awesome” quote than a New Zealand boxer – David Tua.

    check this out and have a giggle!


  5. Bollocks is a favorite in our house

  6. I think “O” does stand for awesome the way Lumpyhead’s Mom says it.

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