What is the Coolest Thing in a Fire Station?

My six year old son just returned from a cub scout tour of our local fire station.

I asked him how it was.

“AWESOME!” he said.

The I asked him what part was is favorite. What was the coolest thing he saw? I mean, fire stations have everything: fire trucks, ladders, poles, cool uniforms, dalmatians- you know, fire station stuff.


I said “You went to a fire station and the coolest thing you saw was a whiteboard?”

He said yes and promptly changed the subject to Harry Potter and swordfighting.

According to my husband they saw a 2000 foot hose, huge fuel tanks and a rescue boat and Ian’s favorite part was the living room. When I revisited this question 45 minutes later I was lectured on how the markers were Expo markers just like the ones in his classroom at school.

I will never understand boys. Never.

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  1. The living room? Really? That’s hilarious.

  2. Soooo his future possible careers include

    Evil genius, Football Coach, Crazy Talk Show Host who needs a giant board to illustrate incoherent points.

    On the up side, I think I smell a possible AWESOME christmas gift.

  3. smart aleck says:

    Dry erase markers make the best fumes…better than wite-out.

    Another up side, I sense the best way to motivate him…write whatever you need him to do on a whiteboard. Better than a chalkboard–no horrible nails on board noise possible.
    or “do your chores and I’ll let you draw on the board” time.

    Is the Blue One the one who once drew on the walls?

  4. Whatever about boys. This is further proof that he belongs to you.

  5. At least his favorite part wasn’t the stripper pole. I mean, fireman’s pole…

  6. I like it! He thinks outside the box and my prediction would be a future in interior design.

  7. Sounds totally ossum.

  8. This gives me new hope for the masculine persuasion.

  9. I don’t know if it is boys. It might be six year olds. My daughter went on a field trip last week. History museum. Saw all kinds of great exhibits. Long ass list of great amazing stuff.

    Her favorite part? The chairs that they ate lunch on, swivel. Yep. The chairs. BEST FIELD TRIP EVAH!!! Snort.

  10. Love it. My kids are constantly begging to come back to my office, where I’ve been known to shut them in a room with a printable white board…legos, playground at the YMCA – that’s nothing compared to white board and hot chocolate mix at mommy’s office.

    And what does he draw on these whiteboards? Times tables, mazes and math problems :)

  11. Boys are the best, of course I am a bit biased.

  12. Obsession with markers begins with the pretty colors and ends with rigorous sniffing. It’s a story as old as time.

  13. What would have been super extra cool would have been is if there had been like an awesome recipe for chili on that dry erase board.

  14. I once went on a field trip to a fire station with a bunch of preschoolers, and they wouldn’t leave the room full of lazy boy recliners. It WAS pretty awesome.

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