I Have My Reasons

Does anybody know a good place to find Harry Potter themed bedding? Even better, Gryffindor bedding?

Aside: I couldn’t find any good images of Harry Potter looking confused, but if you search for Harry + Potter + Confused this is an option.


…and now you’ve seen it too.

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  1. is that draco malfoy with him? weird!

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  3. That’s not right.

  4. Hmm, could not find any HP or Gryffindor bedding. But what about a maroon comforter with yellow accents (pillows, etc.)? And maybe some Gryffindor-themed patches, signs, and banners to add the HP theme to the room?

  5. How do I un-see it, though?

  6. I always thought there was something about Draco that was interesting.

  7. smart aleck says:

    If I could figure out how to erase that image and not take important stuff with it, I would. But finals are on the way, so I can’t take any chances….
    I always figured it would be Ron and Harry snuggled up instead…

    Anyway–here’s the only thing I could find through Warner Brothers:


    There’s this…but it’s used…and after your gardening book experience, who knows–it might be dollhouse sized and or whoknowswhatelse:


    It might be tricky to find–I just read that WB added to their list of patented/copyrighted HP items:


  8. smart aleck says:

    PS sorry about all the links!

  9. You know, I didn’t see any when we were in HP world – but you may be able to find some online SOMEWHERE, or someone who is making something on Etsy?

  10. Gee, thanks for that.

  11. Type in http://www.froogle.com (it’s part of google) and type in search box harry potter bedding. I found almost 200 options, though some are just blankets, but at least it’s something!

  12. I should take a photo of my face right now. I hope it doesn’t freeze this way.

    WTF is that photo all about???

  13. Could someone pass me the eye bleach? k, thx.

  14. Warner Brothers store maybe?

    Did not need that image. Nope. Didn’t.

  15. I bought Harry Poter flannel sheets at sears six or seven years ago…?

  16. Yep, definitely confused. No, not them – me. Why in god’s name was that photo ever created?! I get the eye bleach next.

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