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2010 Wasn’t So Bad – Part 2

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The Gift I Do Not Intend to Outgrow

Did I tell you guys that I got tickets to the Winter Classic? Well I did*, and I am extremely excited about it. The thing is, since I am going all the way to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to sit outside on January 1st and root for the Capitals I clearly needed a jersey. Aside: Am I […]

Why I Will Be Rooting for The Chicago Bears

Tonight I will be rooting for the Chicago Bears because my entire fantasy season is counting on *gulp* Johnny Knox. Basically, I need Johnny Knox to score at least 14 more fantasy points than Sidney Rice this evening in order to keep my fantasy football season alive. In December. In an outside, nationally televised game. […]

My Children Believe in Reincarnation and also Hogwarts

In an effort to be extra-specially sweet to me on my birthday my son was complimenting me on how I was the best mother he has ever met. My slightly less charming daughter said “Ian, she is the only mother you’ve ever had, so she is also the worst.” “No.” maintained my boy “In other […]

On 38th Birthdays

Tomorrow I turn 38. 38 is an uneventful number. It signifies nothing. I feel neither good not bad about it. I will celebrate by attending not one – but two first grade holiday parties. Usually I spend my classroom holiday party time running back and forth between two classrooms but this year the teachers or […]

Muppets and Gangsta Rap Go Together Like…

Muppets are also pretty good at death metal.


I have been trying to figure out what to ask for for my birthday. I have been racking my brain to think of something I can ask for that isn’t either insanely expensive or something that I don’t really want but seems like an appropriate request. Yesterday it became very apparent what I wanted for […]

My Daughter’s Keeper

I had been feeling guilty about it for weeks. She is my daughter’s first grade teacher. So this morning I when I was at the school I went into Claudia’s classroom and I was just as honest as possible. I said to her teacher “I am sorry I ousted you as the mayor of this […]

I’ll Never Grow Up

You know what word is funny? Boner. Yes, I know I am immature and I have embraced that about myself, but admit it. You laughed when you read boner didn’t you? Whatever, here is why I bring it up. During the Monday Night Football game this week (thanks a LOT Jets, you cost me my […]

You Other Parents of Twins Know Exactly What I’m Talking About

I saw this on Nora’s blog and I knew it also belonged here. You other twin parents will be able to relate. Except you are also probably saying to yourself “Right, like anyone’s waist looks like that after they gave birth to twins.”

The Unbearable Heaviness of Claudia’s Backpack

This morning as I was sending the children off to school I noticed that Claudia’s backpack was unzipped and also looking particularly puffy. “What is in your backpack?” I said as I swept in quickly so that she couldn’t stop me. I pulled out a coat, then a hoodie, then a sweater, then a sweatshirt, […]