The Post-Thanksgiving Diet

My new post-Thanksgiving diet is going really well. According to my scale I’ve lost 9 pounds since yesterday. At this rate I should reach my goal by Saturday! Who knew dieting could be so easy?
bathroom scale 126
In related news, I think my scale is broken.

In other related news, I am hungry and a little bit pissy.

In other, other related news I am looking for good recipes for healthy, tasty, low calorie meals and advice on buying a reasonably priced scale that won’t stop working in 24 months. I’d like one with large digital numbers so my blind ass can see how much I weigh before I put in my very heavy contacts.

* * *
This is obviously not a photograph of my scale. The last time I weighed 126.4 lbs. I was in 7th grade.

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  1. I’ll trade scales with you. Mine works far too well.

  2. another sue says:

    What a lyrical bit of writing today. Thank you. (My scales are industrial – as am I as it turns out. They have a corded digital read out that can be placed a ways distant from the scales – much easier to read. If I wanted to, which I don’t.)

  3. First, I’m coming over and stealing that scale! 😉 As for recipes, I love The 60-Minute Scramble — not a diet cook book, but easy meals with fresh ingredients — that’s got to be healthy, right?

  4. I’d recommend Gina’s Skinny Recipes at I have found a lot of really tasty, good for you recipes there.

  5. Time for the next edition of Loser Moms? I’m not pregnant this time! And it’s been 11mos, my “Colin Belly” needs to go.

  6. Scales…they never really work do they? As for recipes, if you like spicy do some broth-based soups using a bit of cayenne and adding barley, toss in some turkey sauteed in low sodium taco seasoning, add a bit of crumbled feta on top and pair with one toasted hunk of whole grain bread it’ll fill you up and clear your sinuses :) Inexpensive too.

  7. Well, my scale says I gained five pounds since yesterday, so I think I like your scale better. Also, that number is vastly different from the amount my Wii Fit says I weigh, which is also vastly different from the amount a different Wii balance board game says I weigh.

    Basically, I can accurately pinpoint my weight to within 20 pounds.

  8. I’m on an awesome diet. It’s called the “pie for breakfast and lunch diet.” Then I have a “sensible dinner.” It rocks! Oh, I still drink alcohol. Obviously.

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