You Other Parents of Twins Know Exactly What I’m Talking About

I saw this on Nora’s blog and I knew it also belonged here. You other twin parents will be able to relate.

Except you are also probably saying to yourself “Right, like anyone’s waist looks like that after they gave birth to twins.”

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  1. That is awesome. Except I usually say something like, “We’re not wimps and have our kids one at a time like you.”

  2. That made the rounds through my twin mom friends a week or so ago, and it still cracks me up. My husband can’t believe just how accurate it is. Clearly, written by someone in the know.

    And TOTALLY, the only thing in that video that is not true-to-life is that waistline.

  3. I have been dying, since I first saw this, to go back in time to when I used to have this discussion all. the. time., and say to someone, robot voice and all, “What is your favorite brand of tampons?”

  4. Soooo accurate!! I may have to steal it too!!

  5. Love this! I love the “they are not robots” line!

  6. I love the which one is smarter? I am!

    Thanks for sharing, us grandma’s of twins can appreciate it too!

  7. Yeah. She pretty much nailed it.

  8. that had me laughing/crying by the end!
    I loved, “I don’t know how you do it!”
    “I have no choice.”


  9. That is all kinds of awesome and I don’t even have twins!

  10. Marinda Forrester says:

    My boy/girl twins are 15 and I still have this conversation at least once a year. Thank you for the laugh!

  11. I think the most accurate line may have been the “boy / girl twins – are they identical?” line. I cannot tell you how many times I get asked that!!! When they were babies I used to say “until you take off their diaper”.

  12. I can still wear a size 3/4… don’t hurt me!!

  13. I am not the mother of twins. I would have been the dumbass mother of a Singleton saying that shit to you. But I would have been a nervous geek, looking for a friend, and perhaps I would have said something equally stupid and invasive in my nervousness, hoping you would talk to me and like me and maybe get me out of Toddles Hell one hour per week.

    Just saying.

  14. I just had this exactly same conversation last week. And my twins are now 11. Although now that Skyler is a full head taller then Spencer most people think she’s older so these conversations are rare for us now. My response to “Are they identical?” is “You do know what identical means, right?”

  15. I don’t have twins and still think this was hilarious. What is wrong with people??

  16. HAHAHAHAHA!!! I love, love this. You have no idea how many times I’ve told people “Because I have to” when they’ve asked “How do you do it?”

    Praying someone starts this line of questioning with me so I can ask them about their tampon brand.

  17. Awesome! I had to steal this and pass it around.

  18. that was funny. i’ve had so many people ask me those dumbass questions it just makes me laugh at the stupidity.

  19. A friend in Chicago recently found out she is pregnant with twins and I immediately sent her this. (along with the promise that I am happy to be a support as she gets further along and has questions) I figured she should prepare for the stupid questions now, while she still has the time.

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