My Children Believe in Reincarnation and also Hogwarts

In an effort to be extra-specially sweet to me on my birthday my son was complimenting me on how I was the best mother he has ever met.

My slightly less charming daughter said “Ian, she is the only mother you’ve ever had, so she is also the worst.”

“No.” maintained my boy “In other lives.”

“Ohhhh,” his sister agreed, “Right, in other lives.”

The good news is that I am the best mother that Ian has had in any of his lives.

The bad news is that in this life they assigned everyone in the family Harry Potter roles. She tells me “Ian is Harry, I am Hermione, Daddy is Gilderoy Lockhart and you get to be Snape.”

“I am Snape?” I ask. Surely I can be McGonagall. Maggie Smith is a badass, and if Gabe gets to be a dandy I think we can make the leap to me being Maggie Smith. I’d even accept Bellatrix Lestrange or Cho Chang or Madame Maxime. I am female after all. “Snape?”

“Because of your hair.”

So I’m off to wash my hair.

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  1. At least it wasn’t because of your hands. Have you looked at Snape’s hands? FREAK SHOW.

  2. I get the honor of being Harry’s mom when we play Harry Potter. Which means that though I’m awesome, I’m also dead. So the Harry Potter games aren’t very exciting for me. They go kind of like this, “Mom go sit down, YOUR DEAD remember.” *sigh*
    At least Snape is alive. LOL

  3. Happy birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday Dr. Lazarus.

  5. *snicker* I’m sorry your kids are kind of funny.

    Happy Birthday!

  6. Kids! They say the darnest thing! This post cracked me up… oopppsss…

  7. Agent M has just turned me on to Harry Potter and finally, I get it. It’s good.

    You are not Snape, regardless of your hair.

    Happy birthday!

  8. 1st, you are the best mother he has ever met & I am sure that he has met a lot of mom’s.
    2nd, Justin used to tell me I was the best mother he ever had.
    3rd, I think your hair looks much cleaner than Snapes.

  9. Your Mother says:

    Well at least Alan Rickman is completely awesome! So, since the Maggie Smith part is still uncast, can I be her? How about Grandpa for Hagrid – they look alike too!

  10. I don’t know Sarah. I think I’d rather be told I was Snape than Lockhart. Man that dude is annoying.

    Please see my complete works, for another comment. 😉

  11. Your kids make me laugh my ass off. Thanks for breeding. :)

    Happy Birthday!

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