Why I Will Be Rooting for The Chicago Bears

Tonight I will be rooting for the Chicago Bears because my entire fantasy season is counting on *gulp* Johnny Knox.

Basically, I need Johnny Knox to score at least 14 more fantasy points than Sidney Rice this evening in order to keep my fantasy football season alive.

In December. In an outside, nationally televised game. It will be snowing.

Don’t judge me. I had Frank Gore and Tony Romo.

Do you see that Mike Vick bullshit up there? He had 3 points at halftime. THREE! Stupid second half comeback. Stupid 45 points. That man sold his soul, I tell you. I would have won this handily if it weren’t for that guy.

I’m no tactical football guru, but I’m guessing that at 18 degrees Fahrenheit with a windchill that makes it feel like -1 there won’t be a ton of long passing plays. I mean, I could be wrong, glove technology may have come a long way but can you even imagine what it would feel like to catch a football in that weather? Ouch!

Go #13!

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  1. Frank Sucks says:

    You mean Sidney.

  2. Ah ! Thanks. Fixed.

    And thank God!

  3. In order to win my Fantasy game this week, I need Jay Cutler to score more than 24 points.


  4. Vick ran for 130 yards. That’s almost more than all of the RBs in the game combined (Eagles & Giants together). That isn’t natural.

    (Maybe I’m just bitter because I benched him in favor of Brees. I was feeling all smug in the 3rd when Brees had 18pts & Vick had 3, then checked back after the game ended and about shit myself.)

  5. Let’s just say my Fantasy Football season is in the toilet.

    Also…seriously with Vick. HAD I ONLY BUT KNOWN.

  6. I turned off the Eagles game in favor of some HALO while the kid and husband napped. The score was 3 to 24 so that game was over. I flipped it back over to find out the eagles had won and I seriously thought maybe some cosmic event had occurred. The hubs is a fan of the Bears..I don’t really know why. So for his sake and yours I hope the Bears win too..and that they all score lots and lots of points for all your fantasy teams. Go Bears.

  7. My personal fantasy about this game was that the whiny Bears would try to stop the game by seeking an injunction, which would then be argued up to the Minnesota Supreme Court, and then sacked for major loss of yards by His Honor, Justice Alan Page.

  8. Well, that had to help!

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