The Gift I Do Not Intend to Outgrow

Did I tell you guys that I got tickets to the Winter Classic? Well I did*, and I am extremely excited about it.

The thing is, since I am going all the way to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to sit outside on January 1st and root for the Capitals I clearly needed a jersey.

Aside: Am I supposed to be calling them sweaters? They aren’t really sweaters, but they aren’t really jerseys either. So far nobody has corrected me, but it took people a long time to tell me that the word was “leggings” and not “leggins” so maybe you are all just being kind.

Whatever. My point is that I asked my parents to buy me a Caps jersey (or sweater) for my birthday, and they did and it is awesome.

Suck it, Pittsburgh.

And I have chosen Alexander Semin as my guy because:

1) He is awesome.

2) Heh. Semin.

3) One time he DMd me.

Fine, he DMd me or Laurie, but that is food enough for me. And he likes our Draft Day Suit. I guess he doesn’t watch a lot of basketball.

And you know that I love to spend money on athletes that contact me on twitter.

Oddly enough, all this gloating is just a vehicle to tell you that I got a superfly Caps jersey for my birthday and when I opened it my son almost lost his mind.

“You got a Capitals shirt! AWESOME!”

Then he said, “Can I have it when you grow out of it?”

I told him it was my 38th birthday and I wasn’t planning on growing anymore. I was particularly not planning on getting big enough to grow out of a shirt that a medium sized man could wear hockey pads under.

But since I am a good mom I also told him that he was welcome to borrow it.

As soon as he grows in to it.

* I guess technically Kim got the tickets. She was just gracious enough to sell one of them to a lowly Caps fan. Kim was also kind enough to fix my photos so that they weren’t all mirror images (curse you photobooth!) even though I titled one of my pictures “Semin, bitches.”

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  1. Totally sweet, dude.

  2. Semin DM’d you? Holy crap!

    Awesome jersey. You will have a great time at the Winter Classic. Let’s Go Caps!

  3. You call them sweaters if you want to sound like a pretentious newly-minted hockey fan or you’re Don Cherry, Joe B. or Locker. So no, jersey is totally fine.

    Can we leave now?

  4. The jealousy, it burns! GO CAPS!!!

  5. Frank Sucks says:

    They’re sweaters, because they were actually sweaters at one time, it being ice and all. But since us Americans have Borg’ed the game, jerseys seems to be the word now.

    As for the Caps, I really like Ovechkin but I can never really root for the Caps, since I never have really gotten over Dale Hunter’s cheap shot in the 93 playoffs.

    Enjoy the Classic, it looks like fun.

  6. OMG. I. Am. So. Jealous. Have a blast at the Classic!

  7. “Sick like my wrist shot!”
    Who knew both high end fashion and hockey skills could be considered one in the same?
    Enjoy your trip.

  8. Semin stains are hard to get out of your clothes, so be sure to wash that in cold water with similarly colored garments!


  9. She had to go and publicly announce that I am consorting with the enemy.

    I still have no idea what I’m wearing, besides many, many layers. The Pens winter classic jersey/sweaters are fugly. You may see me in my Bruins Terry O’Reilly jersey.

  10. Awesome.
    And at the risk of being razzed for being a Sharks fan (go easy on me) I was one proud mama when my girly-girl 13yo asked for a Pavelski jersey/sweater for Christmas this year.

    I might shed a tear when she opens it. 😉

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