2010 Wasn’t So Bad – Part 2


Sarah with Sam, Jennie and Jonna

With my DDS Ladies


Dad, Claudia, Me

Climbing Squad

Definitely Not a Nashville Party






What Up With That?

Whatever Eric is Doing Must Be Fascinating

Laurie with Peter Bondra

My Boys on the People Mover

The Kids


Happy Birthday to Me

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  1. YOU MET PETER BONDRA? How did I miss hearing about that?!

  2. Honored to be included in your year in review. Also, an actual picture of me I don’t hate. That’s like 3, in the universe.

  3. Love this and the last post. Great way to wrap up the year! Also, I’m impressed that you managed to pare it down to only a few photographs. Nice job.

    Happy New Year!! Here’s hoping there’s more Sarah in my life in 2011!

  4. Great photos. It truly looks like you had a wonderful 2010.

  5. Looks like you had a lovely year. Here’s wishing you a great 2011!

  6. Nice pictures. Happy New Year!

  7. Just found your site because of your Bob and Wendy reference from 2006 – I wrote about something similar today…I guess you too have/had a fan at your house.

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