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Questions for You: My Snow Week

Between traveling for work, three school snow days (one without power and one with internet) and a huge freelance gig on top of all of my regular duties I haven’t had much time to write. You know what that means by now. YOU are going to have to do all of the work. Here I […]

Not Quite Snakes on a Plane

I knew I was going to be flying on an airline with no internet connection so I thought I’d take a DVD with me to watch on the plane. Everything I had from Netflix was either something that Gabe and I both wanted to watch or iCarly, so those were out of the question. Then […]

The Problem With Bunk Beds

Do your kids have bunk beds? If so, I am pretty mad at you right now. WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME HOW HARD THEY ARE TO PUT SHEETS ON? *deep breath* About six months ago it became very apparent that The Goon Squad was getting too big for their toddler beds. If one stretches out […]

Show Yourselves!

Delurking day is once again upon us. I know this because Chris told me. You know the drill, if you are reading this, please leave a comment. Just say hi. Too boring for you? Tell me your favorite 80s hair metal song. Don’t have a favorite 80’s hair metal song? Tell me your middle name. […]

A Few Things That are Hard to Explain (Randomness Part 135)

The only period in my life I ever spent any significant amount of time in a tanning bed was the year I lived in Ft. Lauderdale. * * * – While talking to technical support people I feel like a freak saying “Yes, Sarah and the Goon Squad dot com AND saying “Sure, Troy Polamalu’s […]

My Year of Jubilee

I started referring to January 1, 2011 as “My Day of Jubilee” when I got tickets to the Winter Classic. It was a reference to “The West Wing” and I really just liked yelling things like “YOU WILL NOT RUIN MY DAY OF JUBILEE!” when threatened with terrible weather or people talking trash about the […]

A Whole Different Animal

While discussing my trip to Pittsburgh for The Winter Classic with my six year old daughter she asked if someday I would take her to see the Capitals play. Would I? The only things that would make me happier would be taking her to a Bucs game, a WNBA game or if she picked out […]