A Few Things That are Hard to Explain (Randomness Part 135)

The only period in my life I ever spent any significant amount of time in a tanning bed was the year I lived in Ft. Lauderdale.

* * *

– While talking to technical support people I feel like a freak saying “Yes, Sarah and the Goon Squad dot com AND saying “Sure, Troy Polamalu’s Hair dot com.” and I always have to spell both.

Oh yes people. I totally own http://troypolamalushair.com . Why who did you think owned it? Troy Polamalu? Head and Shoulders? Those guys wish.

* * *

In the last two months I have said “No, you can’t punch a ghost.” and “That is an inappropriate chant and vagina starts with a V.”

* * *

Say what you will about the evils of facebook, but is was only by the grace of facebook did I find out that I am related (by marriage, then divorce) to a member of Morbid Angel.

I’m thinking of getting this patch for the hole my jeans. That should go over really well when I volunteer in the elementary school cafeteria.

Bumper sticker for the minivan?

* * *

The inappropriate chant from earlier was – “WHEN I SAY PUH, YOU SAY GIANA! PUH!” Giana. “PUH!” Giana!

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  1. Wow, that is some vaginal enthusiasm.

  2. I’m both charmed and disoriented by this post.

    Coincidentally, I wrote something about hair today on my own blog. Mainly about how I’m the anti-Troy Palamalu. Sigh.

    Happy Monday to the Goon Squad.

  3. How many domains do you own? Because when you get to Troy Polamalu’s hair, I have to think you have more than, say, six or seven.

  4. sueinithaca says:

    I recently bought a truck. It cost about $500, and came with a can of chewing tobacco (wild apple flavor), a bottle of mountain dew, a copy of Field and Stream, and a bevy of colorful stickers on the rear window. I kept all but one. It said:

    I’m Not Fucking Stupid, But I Used To.

    All the rest stayed. I did keep it (it lives in my wallet now, where I can look at it privately and chuckle) – but if you’re starting an inappropriate sticker collection, I could totally mail it to you.

  5. smart aleck says:

    You’d think that Mr. GoonSquadSarah would know how to spell that word by now!

  6. You need to have this video of Hines Ward in a Polamalu wig on your Troy site:


  7. Recently, I was going to take a picture of something that said pagina & send it to you, but I forgot. I’m going to have to remember what it was & take the picture.

  8. I love the chant! Gave Rob and I a good chuckle!! :)

  9. Thanks, I really needed a laugh today. I love the picture of Troy’s hair.

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