Show Yourselves!

Delurking day is once again upon us. I know this because Chris told me.

You know the drill, if you are reading this, please leave a comment. Just say hi.

Too boring for you? Tell me your favorite 80s hair metal song.

Don’t have a favorite 80’s hair metal song? Tell me your middle name.

You don’t have a middle name either? Just mash some keys or something. Sheesh. Please just say hello. It makes me happy just knowing you are here.

* * *

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  1. My middle name is Kaye. I’ve never liked it. My mother-in-law has the same middle name. That….seems about right.

  2. Well, I don’t put my middle name on the internets, even though it’s a nice family name–because it’s a family name!

    Hair metal, though: love. I almost feel like Poison, GnR, and Motley Crue, are “too good” to be just hair metal, but those are up there! Saw the suggestion of “Youth Gone Wild”…that’s pretty awesome. Point being, I’m bad at picking a favorite anything.

    Happy day! ;p
    (It was so so fab chatting with you at BlogHer. Rock!)

  3. We are here! We are here! We are here!

    quick, name that book!

  4. f;oijre consider the keys mashed
    hi and sadly I just learned what a hair band was last year.

  5. Hi, My middle name is Alexandra. Asking my favorite hair metal song from the 80s is like asking me which color M&M is my favorite. It can’t be done!!!

    Some faves:
    Home Sweet Home – Crue
    Heaven – Warrant
    Wildside – Crue
    Slip of the Tongue – Faster Pussycat
    Youth Gone Wild – Skid Row

    I could go on and on.

  6. any hair metal will do

  7. “Close My Eyes Forever” Ozzy O. and Lita Ford

  8. Just following orders and momentarily delurking.

    I sort of liked Quiet Riot’s “Cum On Feel the Noize,” with extra points for having a title that made my mother uncomfortable.

    :::re-engaging cloaking device:::

  9. Hi!

    I have no favorite hair metal songs.

    And I only occasionally lurk.

  10. Hey hey hey!

    As for 80s hair bands, I like Guns n Roses, I guess my favourite 80s one would be…Sweet Child o Mine.

    My middle name is Lyette.

    and difg hjgadafhjnadgfm

  11. I don’t remember much of the 80s, because I don’t remember much of my early childhood a’tall. My middle name is Elizabeth, after my mother, who was named after one of my Granny’s dearest friends. Also, aedlfkjhawopuhigalknsd.,

  12. Definitely delurking.

    Jane. Which (alternating with either Louise or Anne) is the middle name of pretty much everyone I know.

    I made up for it by giving my daughter the middle name Iona. I know, I know. She’s going to hate me when she hits school. It was after my Grandmother but still…

  13. I guess the time was right for us to say.
    We’d take our time and live our lives together, day by day.
    We’ll make a wish and send it on a prayer
    We know our dreams can all come true
    With love that we can share
    With you I never wonder – Will you be there for me
    With you I never wonder – You’re the right one for me
    I finally found the love of a lifetime
    A love to last my whole life through
    I finally found the love of a lifetime
    Forever in my heart, I finally found the love of a lifetime

  14. Sarah, I read and appreciate every word you write, even though I almost never comment.


  15. Hey —


  16. k's grandma says:

    I lurk as a favor to you (and many others). You are all welcome!

  17. Hi!

    I just had to google “hair band song”. I know, I suck. On the list that the internet gods gave me, I know I really like Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi.


    wug2th8g24hgohowh werfhweofhwoh

    You rock. Thank you for all your writing.

  18. I will tell you my middle name. Seems safer than saying, I have no clue if I know a metal song name. Oh wait. Hmmmm.

    Still like me anyway?? :)

    Anne. My middle name is Anne.

  19. Delurking always makes me feel dirty so I refuse to do it.

  20. Montenegro is my middle name and I acompany you all the way from Brasil. Thank you for sharing a little bit of your life with us. Best wishes from Rio, Susana.

  21. Don’t really know if it’s 80’s Hair Metal (grew up in Texas listening to country and 60’s music) but I used to like the Blue Oyster Cult’s Don’t Fear the Reaper!

  22. Yep, definition of a lurker here. So, hi!
    Middle name is (was) Cassidy, which is what I go by. When I got married I wanted to drop my first name to eliminate the confusion of going by my middle name, and found out the hard way that I had to change my name through the courts. Bc changing your first and last name at the same time (to take my husbands’ name) is evidently what people trying to defraud others do. My court paperwork even required moral references! Ha! I guess I could have just dropped my maiden name but that would have been too easy. Now everything (cable, credit cards, etc) has some variation of four different names. So yeah, so much for making things easier. Note to self: name my baby girls with the first name by which you want them called!

  23. All of them. Duh.

    Anne with an e.

  24. Hi! I don’t have a fav hair band, my middle name is May, and my face hurts like hell because I had my wisdom teeth pulled last week. Just discovered your blog and am finding it so funny and quirky.

  25. Anything by Lita Ford (Lisa) or GnR (Paradise City).

  26. Delurking.

    I’m terrible with both band AND song names. I know I liked the one with the guy with the hair and the girl and there was a chorus and probably tight jeans or leather pants and there was probably a vest worn open over a bare chest… My cousin (who had 4 inch high bangs) had a big ass satellite dish in the 80s and we would go to her house and she would be watching MTV which we didn’t get (we had 2 channels) and she knew all the bands and I was very jealous. This is a long way to go about saying I’m not sure who was my favorite 80s hair metal band was. And my middle name is Denise.

  27. Happy Delurking day, a day late, darn baby makes me late for everything!

    My middle name is Jean.

  28. My goodness…. you have an awfully long list of lurker comments.
    delurk delurk delurk

  29. Hello! Just stumbled upon your site from your prom picture over at Promtacular! so I can’t wait to read more….

    PS – I didn’t like Metal Bands in High School, am I still invited to comment here??

  30. Oops – sorry I’m a day late.
    Middle name – Ann (boring!!!)
    I freakin’ love your blog. I too have boy/girl twins and I find your stories about the kids hysterical!
    Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to your blog.

  31. Love me some Cinderella, Nobody’s Fool.

    like that delurker a million posts up, I was in grade school (born in 77) for much of hair metal and love that I too would sing along to all of these songs with my little sis! So funny listening as an adult and knowing what they were really talking about. So wish I could go back in time just to watch MTV.

  32. Probably Poison’s Talk Dirty to Me. I memorized the lyrics when it was new and I was 11, and I still remember them for some reason… :/

    NP: Dio, “Overlove” Not hair metal.

  33. I prefer the term stalking to lurking. It implies I have a valid reason for being here – even if it is just being unbalanced.

  34. Delurking….Linda Marie

  35. Aw, we talk all the time 😉

    I’m gonna go with “Armed and Ready” by the Michael Schenker Group. Which implies that the hair in my hair metal is kind of short. But who caaaares! /rubyrhod

  36. You know it really doesn’t get any better than Shout at the Devil

  37. Hi. I totally missed de-lurking day while I was on vacation. Lame. here I am though. Better late than never? Perhaps.

  38. Stephanie N says:

    Hi! It has been ages since I commented. I do all my blog-reading in the “Byline” iPhone app on the bus on my way to/from work, so I rarely comment because it’s such a hassle to open blogs in Safari on my phone and navigate the stupid teeny-tiny window. But seriously, I’m still here, and I read EVERYTHING. I mentioned you (your blog) to my husband recently because I was talking about how when we have kids, I want to be as honest with them as possible. I was like: “so, there’s this blog that I read… it’s a mommy blog, I guess, but it’s not all about mommy stuff… anyhow, Sarah, she’s just really funny, and she’s incredibly honest with her kids, and recently, she did this post in which she mentioned that her kids were doing this ‘I say puh, you say gina’ chant, and it cracked me up, because she told them ‘vagina starts with a V, and that is an inappropriate chant’ or something like that… and it struck me that I really admire how honest she is with her kids, even correcting their spelling of vagina… I mean if you’re going to say or write vagina, you might as well say it correctly.” He didn’t get it. Oh, well. Well, that was my de-lurking for now. Thanks for being awesome.

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