Not Quite Snakes on a Plane

I knew I was going to be flying on an airline with no internet connection so I thought I’d take a DVD with me to watch on the plane. Everything I had from Netflix was either something that Gabe and I both wanted to watch or iCarly, so those were out of the question. Then I remembered! I borrowed the entire series “Six Feet Under” from a friend about a year ago and I want to watch all of them and Gabe doesn’t. Perfect! I put disc one in a jewel case and brought it with me.

So I am watching the DVD on my laptop in a full airplane when I remember. “Six Feet Under” is full of sex scenes and drugs. Gay sex scenes! Smoking of weed! Dead people! Gore! Perfect for watching in public.

You know how you are on a train or an airplane and you glance over to see what other people are watching? I’m always like, Oh, that guy is watching Major League, I love that movie! or Really dude? Sister Act II? So I am sure the person next to me is thinking – Wow, that lady is watching Dexter having sex with a bald guy and now there are little kids in an embalming room. Wait, was that girl just sucking on that guy’s toes?

But I am not watching the in-flight movies again unless I am forced to. There is no way I am letting Miley Cyrus make me cry. Again.

So for now, “Six Feet Under” it is.

They shouldn’t let me out in public.

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  1. Yeah. The last time I flew, I brought The Aristocrats to watch – I wanted to see it, but I didn’t want to watch it at home. It doesn’t look like much, but it totally made me squirm.

  2. Once when I was on a plane, a (creepy old) guy a couple of rows ahead of me on the aisle was reading a Playboy. He wasn’t shy about the centerfold either. Held that baby up high to get a good look.

    Oh and I while in college I watched “My Own Private Idaho” very very uncomfortable. I was not aloud to pick the movies after that.

    (Sorry didn’t mean to hijack your post and make it all about me)

  3. Frankly, I think it would’ve been way worse if someone had seen you watching Sister Act 2.

  4. The last time I flew somewhere I started watching True Blood, and then I noticed the couple of little kids behind me and I started to panic a bit so I shut it off.

  5. I always watch the office.. its funny and distracting if the plane ride sucks

  6. smart aleck says:

    And that’s why they invented those anti-shoulder surfing screen protectors.

  7. I always go with a romantic comedy. . I find because I am trapped on a plane, they are like 50% better. So a totally stupid movie like Sweet Home Alabama goes from Total Crap too, perfectly entertaining. I did once watch The Exorcist on a flight home from London. That was kind of awesome.

  8. Sort of like how I watch things like The Pianist, Casino or Sorority Row while I cook dinner? The kids don’t even enter the room most of the time but the minute Dom comes home and boom! sex scene, major Joe Pesci violence or gore and the girls are all glued to the screen. Awesome.

  9. six feet under! by far, my most fave series EVER. Fun for travelling too! HA!
    I remember bringing along Oprah’s 20th season special dvd set to portugal with us and bawling while sitting on the floor of laguardia. awesome!

  10. The person next to you should be commending you for having such superb taste in television. That is the proper reaction after realizing someone is watching “Six Feet Under.”

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