Questions for You: My Snow Week

Between traveling for work, three school snow days (one without power and one with internet) and a huge freelance gig on top of all of my regular duties I haven’t had much time to write.

You know what that means by now. YOU are going to have to do all of the work.

Here I am now, entertain me.

1) What is the best accessory you have ever seen on a snowman (or snow woman)?

2) What is your favorite song this week?

3) Describe your favorite pair of socks.

4) What can I make for dinner without going to the grocery store?

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  1. 1. I grew up in Florida so I’ve never seen anything good on snowmen. I will say my husband is from Fargo and he can pack a snowball like no one’s business. Do not get in a snowball fight with him.

    2. If I never hear “The Saga Begins” by Weird Al again, I will be happy. My boys love Star Wars and I thought it would be a funny listen (10 million listens ago).

    3. See #1. I grew up in Florida so I hate wearing shoes or socks.

    4. Pizza Hut dippin’ strips pizza.

  2. 1. Honestly, I am old school when it comes to snowmen and prefer the carrot and tree branches.

    2. Dynamite by Taio Cruz. Gulp.

    3. My sports socks (Pro Spirit?) – they are thin, but have these weird support things in them.

    4. Cereal and milk, right?

  3. 1. Surprisingly I don’t see many snowmen dressed around here. There’s a huge one down the street and it’s totally naked.

    2. Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice. I came across it while I was running (which is new for me, running, not vanilla ice) and it made me want to keep running just a bit longer.

    3. Tall gray and black socks from Target. Knee high, but not over the knee. Soft and comfy and warm.

    4. Cereal? Pancakes? Pizza hut? I always feel bad ordering pizza in bad weather, poor delivery boy.

  4. smart aleck says:

    1) What is the best accessory you have ever seen on a snowman (or snow woman)?
    I think bathing suits on snow women are funny. Why give them the scarves and mittens that you need when they can wear the bathing suit that is at least 3 months away?

    2) What is your favorite song this week?
    Either “Raise Your Glass” of “F-ing Perfect” by Pink–planning a wedding and looking forward to the reception, plus a nice reminder that we are all effing perfect at something.

    3) Describe your favorite pair of socks.
    The fuzzy ones that have grippy things on the bottom–warm, soft but not dangerous.

    4) What can I make for dinner without going to the grocery store?
    Reservations, cookies, or pancakes?
    If you have bread, butter and eggs I can give you at least three ideas.

  5. 1) Like the others, I grew up in warm lands (California) I live in Oklahoma now, but we haven’t had enough snow yet for snowmen.

    2) I’m liking Deceptacon by Le Tigre this week. It’s on my gym mix and it makes me laugh to have that and a Beyonce song back to back.

    3) Any nicely thin stripey socks will do.

    4) Frittata! That’s what we’re having. You have to have eggs, but if you’ve got that you can use whatever else you have lying around and it’s usually pretty darned good.

    Also, I want to point out my valiant effort in writing this comment. I’m currently trapped under a feverish sleeping two-year-old. I’m afraid I might starve to death.

  6. 1. Well, when I was in college, the guys upstairs built anatomically correct snowpeople in a position of, well, you know. Oreos were used for nipples, and bunches of small twigs made the private parts hair. Later they put a cigarette in the male snowman and put a black bra on the female.

    2. Favorite? Not sure. But we’ve been listening to the Super Mario Brothers world 6 song a lot this week.

    3. I hate socks. But if I have to wear them, the dressy trouusery ones I have with frogs on them are my favorite.

    4. Breakfast for dinner? Eggs, pancakes, etc?

  7. 1. I avoid going out as much as possible when it’s cold so I’ve not seen many snowpeople.

    2. Little Mary Sunshine from Reefer Madness the Musical

    3. They are blue and have pink pig heads on them. They are very warm.

    4. Sandwiches? Soup? Soup and sandwiches?

  8. 1. Underpants. They weren’t really “on” the snowman, just kind of shoved on the front. It was awesome.

    2. La Seranata by Schubert. (me big choir geek.)

    3. Handmade. By me. All of them. (me big knitting geek.)

    4. Spaghetti?

  9. 1. Haven’t seen a snowman (dressed, accessorised or otherwise) for years (yeah, another temperate climate chick here!) but once saw one dressed as Superman when I was a student in Scotland – that made me smile.
    2. Into the Presence’s “End Game” – that guys voice sends chills down my spine!
    3. I hate being cold (this may be the (relatively) temperate, snow-less south of France, but it’s still damn cold at night) so any warm, fluffy socks will do.
    4. I’ll side with MA Smith above and go with soup and sandwiches (or grilled cheese); failing that, I’m always perfectly happy to just eat either porridge or custard, though I can understand that many other people wouldn’t be (my children, to start with).

  10. 1) A water bong. I’d never seen one that big actually. It was like three feet tall. Maybe it was one of those Hookah’s or whatever they are called.
    2) I should call this one…where Sarah gets too laugh at me and move on. Ahem. However: Southern State of Mind by Darius Rucker.
    3) They are argyle. Blue and grey with black stripes. They are warm and soft.
    4) Cereal. Grilled cheese. Pizza delivery?

  11. 1) An engagement ring
    2) the sound of silence when everyone is asleep
    3) I hate socks (must be a Floridian thing)

    4) find one thing in the panty in a box, another thing in the pantry in a can — combine both and heat — call it Mommy’s Winter Surprise

  12. I let the kids put my old bikini tops on snow women. Hey, I don’t wear them anymore.

    This week without power I was very into Rage Against the Machine…in my head.

    They’re purple polka dot from Esprit…when Esprit was cool…which means they are old as the hills.

    I always make pancakes when I’m out of groceries. Always have flour and sugar and the kids think it’s all special but it’s really cheap.

  13. 1) A flannel nightgown, guess to keep her warm.

    2) Rolling In The Deep by Adele. Can’t wait for the new album in a few weeks.

    3) Black knit socks that are super warm.

    4) Waffles and eggs of some sort.

  14. 1. I live in Australia. I don’t tend to run into too many snowmen – ok, I don’t ever see them.
    2. I have a complete mental blank on that one, but if it helps, incy wincy spider is going through my head. I don’t know why, I don’t have any kids yet, but it is rather annoying.
    3. Socks? Er clearly I have not given the important questions enough thought.
    4. Last night I had the same dillemna and I am proud to say I opened the freezer and defrosted some home made soup. Yes, I am bragging, this is a rare one-off. TOnight, it’s the local vietnamese restaurant.

  15. I can only answer the last one:
    -peanut butter and jelly
    -cheese and crackers
    -frozen pizza (or pizza delivered – both good choices)
    -canned soup and crackers
    -mac and cheese
    (notice I don’t cook)

  16. 1. Someone in my old ‘hood made a family of anatomically correct snowmen once. So the best “accessory” I’ve seen on a snowman was a giant schlong.

    2. Baby Beluga. (damn kids…)

    3. I just got a bunch of hand knitted socks. I don’t know what they’re knitted from, because it sure ain’t wool, but damn, they are comfy and warm.

    4. Breakfast for supper!

  17. A Capitals jersey. It was just in a picture but whatever.

    Seeing American Idiot again has me back into that, plus Last Night on Earth off of 21st Century Breakdown. Creature of habit lately.

    I have a long pair of socks that have buttons and ruffles on them like a tuxedo. I’ll find them when I move.

    Nothing. You can make nothing for dinner without going to the grocery store. You’re a European market shopper stuck in a traffic-choked suburb. It stresses me out on your behalf.

  18. I just downloaded I DON’T WANT TO MISS A THING (I think that’s what it’s called) by Aerosmith. I really don’t know why. I think it’s in anticipation of American Idol. Got sucked into the audition episodes totally against my will dammit!

  19. 1) Darth Vader mask, cape and light saber. My son’s Halloween costume, which he put on his snowman earlier this week. Love that kid’s creativity.
    2) Drawing a blank. Clearly have not listened to enough music this week. Daughter has been sick on the couch and watching non-stop Netflix downloads of kid shows. For days.
    3) Red and fuzzy. Kids call them my “Elmo Feet”.
    4) Breakfast- It’s what’s for dinner!

  20. 1) What is the best accessory you have ever seen on a snowman (or snow woman)?
    An ostomy bag.

    2) What is your favorite song this week?
    Dulcinea from the Man of LaMancha Soundtrack, I just named my new dog Dulcinea.

    3) Describe your favorite pair of socks.
    Teal & blue stripes, super fuzzy.

    4) What can I make for dinner without going to the grocery store?
    A call to the local Chinese delivery place :)

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