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I Think I Lost Their School Pictures. Again.

Oh God, I think I lost my kids’ school pictures again. When my twins were two years old we got their very first school pictures from preschool. Both sets came back just adorable. Claudia had on a little pink and red dress and Ian was wearing a green striped sweater that made him look like […]

I Still Might Be That Guy. I Haven’t Decided Yet.

I was going to write a really short post. It was going to say simply “Gabe says that you can’t wear a concert shirt to a show where that same band is playing. Discuss.” But things are never that simple. First of all, I called Gabe at work to ask him if I could tell […]

Similar To:

According to twitter I am similar to. I don’t even know which one is best. I love them all, but I only had a poster of one of them on my wall in 6th grade. You’ll have to guess which one.

Vampires Aren’t the Only Things That Suck

I know that I am about 114 years late to the party, but I am currently reading Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”. I would like to be able to claim a great love for Gothic fiction, but the truth is that the narrative can be a bit slow. Stoker wrote the entire novel as correspondence or journal […]

My Domestic Experiment

I have been yelling for years about how making the bed was a complete waste of time. This is something that I believed deeply. I am a busy person and it seemed like a fool’s errand. You get out of bed, make it all nice, then wreck it up again every night? Redundant. Redundant. So […]

How I Failed at Parenting Today

A few months ago the Gawker servers were hacked and user logins and passwords were posted on a website somewhere. Mine was one of them and it led to me being locked out of all my cox e-mail accounts. It was a pain, but not really a big deal since I use my g-mail account […]

No. NOW I’ve Seen Everything.

Metal Mariachi. Hat tip to Laurie, Google Reader and NPR.