Similar To:

According to twitter I am similar to.

I don’t even know which one is best.

I love them all, but I only had a poster of one of them on my wall in 6th grade.

You’ll have to guess which one.

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  1. Fogspinner says:



  2. I always felt a little more similar to Nick Rhodes.

  3. Twitter clearly puts you in the John Taylor category. (It’s cool. He is the hot one anyway.)

  4. I just never figured you for a Duran Duran fan, with you being a hair metal aficionado.

  5. I’m sure I would faint dead away if Twitter told me I was similar to John Taylor (also, it would reinforce that we were meant to be together back when I was a teen).

  6. I pink puffy heart John Taylor. That is all.

  7. effin-A, no wonder I like your stuff, what with you being similar to John Taylor.

  8. Obviously it was Palinode.

  9. … all this time and I never knew the Palinode was in Duran Duran!

  10. Athletic says:

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