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If ten years ago you told me I would have to reschedule getting my floors refinished so that I could fly to Los Angeles to go to a Duran Duran concert I would have asked you to pass what you were smoking.

Yet, here I am, waiting for my sandless refinishing guy to call me back because last night I got a text from Erin saying that I could be her plus one to the Duran Duran show on Wednesday if I could get to California quickly.

I can.

I remember one summer (and Alison can confirm this) back in the days when we still held the tape recorder up to the radio to record music where I made an entire tape that consisted of the same two songs over and over. Those songs were “Our House” by Madness and “Is There Something I Should Know” by Duran Duran.

When we had to pick an instrument in 5th grade for band I chose the saxophone because of “Rio”.

In 6th grade, my friend Angela and I would buy Teen Beat and Tiger beat and Bop magazine and I plastered my bedroom walls with pictures of Duran Duran. I even wrote out every lyric to every one of their songs on pink construction paper (they only had three albums out at the time) and posted those above my window. No other bands were represented. Duran Duran was the only band that mattered.

Even in high school when most of the magazine pictures were replaced with Mötley Crüe and Ratt posters (shut up Ben) I still kept one John Taylor cut out  (in his Antony Price suit and fedora) on the wall.

But somehow I never got to see Duran Duran live.

There are a couple of bands that I really regret not seeing. Nirvana, Paul McCartney, The Police, Iron Maiden and of course Duran Duran. When Duran Duran announced this latest tour I was really bummed that there was no D.C. date. I was beginning to resign myself to the fact that maybe it just wasn’t going to happen.

This blogging thing has presented me with some truly amazing opportunities. If it weren’t for Sarah and the Goon Squad I never would have driven across the country, attended the WNBA Draft, been in the photo pit at a music festival, done charity work with Top Chef contestants or ridden in the Weinermobile. Now I get to see Duran Duran.

Photo by Laurie White

It is, after all, my year of jubilee.

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  1. Here I was super excited Duran Duran is on ‘Ellen’ on Friday. Now I’m jealous! SO jealous! I still own those tape recorded radio mix tapes and the posters and pin ups. I willingly go through each of John’s Tweets/facebook updates. I’ve seen Paul McCartney in concert twice and I’d give those back for a chance to see Duran Duran live.

    So very jealous…(but hope you enjoy!)

  2. Damn straight!

  3. How long are you going to be here? Email me. Would looooooove to see you.

  4. smart aleck says:

    Too cool.

    Glad I wasn’t the only one recording songs off the radio–I kept my boombox on permanent pause/record so that any given second I would be ready to tape that song!
    (then the stupid DJ would come on and say one.last.thing after I had unpaused…grrr)

    Have fun and we expect a wrap-up post making us extra jealous!

  5. Priorities – you has them

  6. Bad. Ass.

  7. *Squee!* We can compare notes on our respective concerts.

    I will say I have been lucky enough to see JT in person (though not up close and personal). I saw The Power Station when they were on tour in the summer of 1985. My brother and I were in like the 13th row. It was so exciting!

  8. I am so jealous of your life right now

  9. Nice. I got to see Duran Duran back in 94 or 95. It was awesome.

  10. Hell Yeah! I am also a bit jealous of your life right now.

  11. How much fun!!!!

  12. So awesome!!! LUCKY!

    I used to drive to school senior year listening to Wild Boys and View to a Kill. It was cool to listen to Nirvana and the Cranberries but I needed to get pumped for school via The Reflex.

    And next time Paul McCartney comes to town – we will go!!! I saw him two years ago at FedEx Field- so good!

  13. Paul McCartney is awesome in concert, I’ve seen him twice in Philly.

    Enjoy the show and the trip!

  14. Duran Duran was my first concert with Erasure opening. I was twelve years old and remember it well.

  15. Awesome. Have a great time. Give the Queen an extra hug from me (she has no idea who I am but I’m a fan).

  16. OMG!!!! I was in 4th grade and me & my friend ANGELA would lip sync all the Duran Duran songs over and over and over until her father forced us outside to play, where we’d take the tape recorder and lip sync Duran Duran songs until the batteries died. We made up routines and everything!

  17. my dad was on a plane with them back in the day. he was oblivious as to who they were, but saw people talking about them. once he landed, someone told him who they were & i freaked out when he came home & relayed the story to us.

    have fun.

  18. I still can’t believe this is happening and we’re doing this. For real.


  19. Confirmed.

  20. I’ve prayed about it and I think I’m almost ready to be happier for you than jealous, but let’s be honest, that’ll probably never happen. 😉 Safe travels. xo.

  21. Woo to the freakin’ hoo!

  22. Dude. We children of the 80’s were really fortunate without knowing how much at the time.
    I saw Duran Duran when they opened for David Bowie’s Glass Spider Tour. A friend of mine had met them early on (yes, she actually was a groupie – she got in a conversation with Nick Rhodes about eyeliner) and got passes for me. I turned down the backstage passes because I was afraid I would actually faint if I was accidentally within 5 feet of David Bowie. (I know, I was silly back then.)

    Go. Rock it. Relive those years Girls on Film played on MTV alternating with Rio and Our House.

    Take pictures. Give Erin a hug for me.

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