My Favorite Series of Words



“What is your favorite series of words?

I paused. “What do you mean my favorite series of words? Like a phrase?”

“No. Your favorite series of words.”

I still had no idea what they were talking about, but they were both looking at me.

I looked back at them blankly. “I don’t know. Nouns?”

“No mom. Series of words. For example,” she says “My favorite series is bad.”

Bad words?” but as I said it out loud I suddenly understood what she was talking about.

“Yes, bad words.” she says.

“Mine too!” he says.

Then, because clearly I am an idiot. They explained it more clearly. “Like a-s-s and s-h-i-t…”

Because they know they aren’t supposed to say the words they just spell them instead.

“…and s-h-i-t.” she spells agin because we all laughed the first time.

I told them that was enough and changed the subject.

But upon further reflection bad is probably my favorite series of words too.

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  1. smart aleck says:

    Hmmm….mine would be a tie between that and the monetary words series (positive, not negative):
    “Cash”, “Check”, “gift card”, “deposit in your account”, “Free”, “no, you don’t owe me/us anything”, “bonus”, “rebate”, “swagbucks”, “points”, “bracket winner”, etc
    (Did I miss any?)

  2. Ah yes, aren’t little children so crafty?

  3. my boss would like that shirt.

  4. Thanks to George Carlin, my favorite words are the seven you used to not be able to say on television.

  5. There’s some expression about apples falling from trees that I’m reminded of here…but I just can’t seem to remember how it goes.

    [I secretly love your kids awesomeness!]

  6. Ha! When Tigger was five or six I sent him to his room for something. He was really mad about it and stomped halfway up the stairs, turned around and shouted “I’m going to my room and I’m going to use the F word.”

    I had to move into another room so he wouldn’t see me laughing.

    My favorite series of words: “A Day Off.”

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