The Duran Duran Show (before)

I’ve been so busy spazzing out about going to see Duran Duran and buying plane tickets and being excited about seeing Erin and Aaron (and Suebob. BONUS!)  that I didn’t even realize how cool this show was really going to be.

First of all, I get to sit in a VIP blogger area back stage which is insane and amazing.

Second of all, this isn’t just a regular concert. This is Duran Duran Unstaged. This concert is directed by David Lynch.

David Lynch! Duran Duran!!

I’m completely geeked, and not to sound like an ad (my ticket was free, but I paid for my flight out here and I’m staying at Erin’s house for free and nobody is requiring me to write this) but you can watch along here at 10:00 pm EST. If you do look for me.

I’ll be the one looking like I cannot believe I’m there.

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  1. I hope you’re going to wear your big hair.

  2. We will ALL be looking like we can’t believe we are there. :)

  3. OMG!!!! Totally jealous!!! (Could I possibly use more punctuation???)

    Have a great time!

  4. Pictures, immediately.

  5. WHAA? David Lynch? Directing a Duran Duran concert? I can’t imagine anything more bizarre or awesome. So jealous!

  6. I second what autumnalyssa says. WOW! And go you in the VIP blogger area. I wish I was geeking out with you!

  7. I’m so jealous. Hope you have an amazing time!

  8. smart aleck says:


    And I hope you’re wearing Love’s Baby Soft and Bonnie Bell bubble gum lip gloss.

    Otherwise you’re not doing it right.

  9. I fell asleep on the couch instead. Yeah, I’m that dad. I rock.

    I hope you had a hella good time…and I know that of course you did.

    If it’s possible for you to feel any better about this, know that your updates were showing up next to those of my other friends who are DD fans…except theirs were all about how they were going to be watching this on their laptops and you were there.

  10. –>I got to meet them a few years ago. Best day ever!
    Check out the picture:

    I’m the one who Simon’s got his arm around.


  11. From what I understand, everybody’s gunning for the VIP section. Or at least that new single says so.
    Really Simon? A beard?
    Is Nick Rhodes a robot?
    John Taylor, what moisturizer do you use?
    All questions I would ask.

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