Something is not Right With Me

I had a really amazing week. Besides getting to see a Duran Duran show, visiting with good friends in California, actually meeting John Taylor, Roger Taylor and Moby (random but true, he was at the after party) and having a really good time people kept complimenting me.

This might sound like a regular thing, but I generally get compliments on things like being funny, or staying calm during stressful situations. These people were complimenting my appearance. Honestly, I don’t get that a lot these days. I work from home so I generally dress like a hobo, wear my hair in a ponytail and eat from 10am to 5pm then again at dinner. It hasn’t been the best time for my self-image.

BUT! People told me I looked beautiful! (Okay, maybe it was only Gabe and Laurie, but still. That is a big big deal to me and two days later I am still giddy about it.) And two people told me that they thought I was much younger than I am.

Here is where the not right with me part comes into play. I think I forgot how to gracefully accept a compliment.

When one of my new friends told me he thought I was 22 I replied. “No. I am just really immature.” and then later “But thank you.” and then when my airplane friend said she thought I was 18 (18!) I said “No, I just dress like a six year old. Oh, but thank you.”

What is my problem? Why can’t I just say “Thank you very much. You are too kind.” or something grown up and charming like that?

This is something I need to work on.

In the mean time, please look at this video I took with my telephone because we live in the future  and pretend I have nice manners.

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  1. I just wanted to let you know that this weblog is being featured on Five Star Friday!

  2. I think maybe you start with something simple. Just thank you. Just start with that.

    It’s so hard to take compliments and I don’t exactly know why. One thing my grandma told me a few months before she died was that when I discount her compliment, or explain it away, I’m basically telling her I don’t value her opinion. She told me, when you don’t believe it, or you think they are blowing smoke out of your ass (oh she was awesome) just tell them thank you.

  3. smart aleck says:

    I believe we don’t want to be stuck up Nellie from Little House on the Prairie so we go to the other extreme. But you did look beautiful in the picture you tweeted with the stage in the background.

    I think having the “seeing Duran Duran in person dream” come true made you just glow and it came out in the pictures.

    Issa’s grandmother was on to something…good advice to follow.

    Maybe I’ll think of it this way. A compliment is like money. If someone gave me some, no strings attached, I wouldn’t go digging in my purse for change, I would just plan a random stop at Starbucks.

    First you have me making my bed, now you have me trying to figure out how to take a compliment.

  4. smart aleck says:

    Oh, and they really DO still sound great. Now I’m even more jealous of you.

  5. Someone once told me that the proper response to a compliment is simply to say “thank you,” then shut up. I’m still working on that, honestly.

    P.S. Love the video. Still seething with jealousy over here.

  6. I can’t take a compliment either.

    I also heard that that Duran Duran concert was streaming live on the intertubes, maybe youtube? I can’t remember where. I meant to watch it and of course promptly forgot. Go me.

  7. You know…as a southern woman, I’m supposed to know how to accept a compliment graciously, too, but I just haven’t mastered it. My instantaneous reply is steeped in self-deprecation.

    Concert looked awesome…still waiting to hear how the Bon Jovi concert was.

  8. Sarah? You are beautiful. Period.

  9. (PS Longest comment ever, sorry.)

    I was irrationally sad that I didn’t get to go have this experience with you because I was SO very hormonal and crazy this week. Therefore I didn’t really want to think about it because I hate when my Grinchy heart takes over. But when I opened up your first photos from the night, you looked SO HAPPY and so in love with what you were doing that it made you look EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN YOU ALWAYS ARE TO ME. You have one of my favorite faces in the world, but when you’re happy inside you shine for real and it’s just really good for a person who loves you to see that, you have no idea. Plus you rocked that dress and you looked not at all like you’d flown across the country and gotten almost no sleep. I was magically, instantly happy too, and I went home and had as much fun as a person sitting in her living room watching that thing on a computer can have. And that was good, because if I can’t be happy for you, for whom can I be?

    Funny enough, I was going through my blog drafts tonight for a scrap of something I could turn into something else. I wrote this last May, apparently, pre-year of Jubilee, and never published it. I figured now was as good a time as any.

    You’re my favorite.

  10. This is something southern people have down, so I try to imitate them when I get a compliment. “Why thank you. Thank you so much. That is so nice of you to say.”

  11. That video is awesome. Awesome! It takes me right back to sitting in my parent’s car, driving to Galion, hearing that song on a recorded tape player.

    On the second point, I was searching the interweb to find this comedy routine I saw years ago on the way women always down-playing compliments (Oh, THIS old thing), but all I could find was this self-help course on how to improve yourself by accepting compliments. Which, come to think of it, is almost as comical as the original routine. Enjoy!

  12. I couldn’t agree more with Issa’s grandmother. BUT I do understand because I have the same problem and mostly it’s because I have low self esteem from having babies and just letting ME fall by the wayside. I generally feel like people are just being polite, I have to remind myself all the time that this isn’t the case. That maybe I *am* attractive to other people. Love this post and love the video. :)

  13. I only room with beautiful people. And don’t I room with you all the time? Seriously, you are and YOU DO LOOK SO YOUNG. It kills me. NO ONE thinks I look 18. WOW.

    Also, in general you just really rock. Like party socks.

  14. Ok I’m totally like a week late on this but.. hey, I’m busy too. So don’t forget the guy AT the concert who tried to get into our VIP area just to talk to beautiful you. Granted he was drunk and creepy… but hey!

  15. I had to work on that for a long time (still have to sometimes). After a while it becomes a little easier. And you are beautiful!

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