Questions for You – All Over the Place

1) Best movie ever made?

2) Who would you switch teams for? (If you are a straight woman, what woman would you do? A gay man, what woman would you do? Straight man, what guy would you have sex with, etc.)

3) Should I cut bangs again?

4) Tell me the punchline to your favorite joke.

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  1. 1. Baseketball. Don’t judge. They had me at “Steve Perry.”

    2. Olivia Newton John. In a heartbeat. Tell my husband that I wasn’t kidding when I said that.

    3. Never.

    4. Elephino. Hating myself right now.

  2. 1. Maybe not the best ever made, but my favorite remains “Sixteen Candles.” (I know, I’m 13 years old.)

    2. Mary Louise Parker. Totally.

    3. Sure, why not?

    4. “Because it didn’t have a chair!” (actually, Rosie’s favorite).

  3. 1. I don’t freaking know. I want to say something with explosions. Yet…I really loved Willy Wonka as a kid. So yeah, sure that. Lick-able wall paper. Enough said.
    2. Hmmm, I’ve never really thought about it. Ryan Reynols in a wig? No? Um…Jennifer Garner.
    3. Don’t do it. Bangs are very regrettable.
    4. Gah, I suck at this. Can’t think of a single joke right now. Work is taking up my brain.

  4. 1. Tombstone
    2. Selma Hayek or Katherine Zeta-Jones
    3. No. Bangs are awful.
    4. “No, it’s just ice cream.”

  5. 1. Harold and Maude. I never get tired of that movie!

    2. Angelina Jolie even though she looked fab at 12 weeks postpartum with twins.

    3. Yes, bangs.

    4. I suck at this. How about this instead:

    (PS My husband sent me that link today, saying he wished we could get JUST ONE family photo with a dog in it like that second entry.)

  6. 1) The Princess Bride

    2) Penelope Cruz

    3) No

    4) And in such small portions.

  7. De-lurking to answer this, because I can’t resist…

    1. Jaws

    2. Christina Hendricks

    3. No. I did bangs last year and it was…pleh.

    4. The Aristocrats!

  8. 1. Teahouse of the August Moon

    2. I don’t know. Jennifer Gardner?

    3. I don’t know.

    4. The third one ducked.

  9. 1. This Is Spinal Tap.

    2. I did a blog entry about this where I came up with my top 8. Topping my list? Anderson Cooper. Yum…

    3. No.

    4. “No, that’s God. He only THINKS he’s Bono.”

  10. 1. Vertigo

    2. Elizabeth Mitchell

    3. No. Bangs are always a better idea in theory than in practice.

    4. “3 out of 4 bears prefer vanilla ice cream.”

  11. 1. Toy Story
    2. Kate Winslet
    3. No
    4. “It says right here to tear along the dotted line!”

  12. 1. The Breakfast Club.
    2. I don’t know. Probably some girl who would end up setting my car on fire, because I attract the crazies? Neko Case is kind of hot. Hmm…maybe I should drink more and ponder this question.
    3. Nah. They are usually a better concept than a reality.
    4. Any one I actually understand. I hate jokes so much.

  13. 1. The Big Lebowski

    2. Jennifer Aniston

    3. Sure. They grow back.

    4. “I took [the penguins] to the zoo, but we had money left over so now we’re going to the movies.”

  14. 1. True Romance.

    2. Just the one? Well, let’s go with Isabella Rossellini today.

    3. Yeah, why not? If they suck, you can wear cute hair clips while they grow out.

    4. That’s me talking to the beer.

  15. 1. Bend it Like Beckham

    2. Today…probably Emma Watson…love the pixie cut.

    3. I’m a bangs girl, so I’m biased.

    4. I’m terrible at jokes, so sorry no go.

  16. smart aleck says:

    1) Princess Bride

    2) Rachel McAdams or Reese Witherspoon

    3) Before you cut, order the Ken Pave clip in bangs from QVC (because they have the best return policy–it’s the Jessica Simpson hair pieces). You can have bangs, remove them when Laurie is around, and never have to grow them out while whining like your floor guys about it. And you could freak your kids and cats out by removing them.
    If you hate them, return them.
    If you love them, cut your own.

    4) That’s what she said.
    (because it’s cheesy and versatile and I can’t think of an actual punchline besides “aren’t you glad I didn’t say banana?”)

  17. smart aleck says:

    *Paves, not Pave

  18. Did you just say “clip in bangs”?

  19. 1. The Pirate Movie

    2. Uh, damn it, I just lost it. Meaghan Rath? We’ll just go with that

    3. No. Just…no.

    4. Whatever God wants, he keeps!

  20. 1. The Goodbye Girl– I always laugh and cry.
    2. Best girl friend post-college.
    3. No. It is too horribly irritating when you change your mind and have to let them grow out.
    4. “It’s a good thing frogs can jump, or I’d be gone with the Schwinn.” Kermit in The Muppet Movie, another best movie ever made.

  21. 1. Pulp Fiction or Fight Club
    2. Currently? Sara Ramierez but it changes
    3. Sure, I just did and it’s fine.
    4. “Ach, lad I don’t know where you’ve been but I see you won first prize!”

  22. 1. A toss-up between Real Genius & The Red Violin

    2. Ack! I can’t think of one. Jennifer Garner maybe. Oooo! Or maybe Sara Ramirez (Callie on Grey’s Anatomy).

    3. No.

    4. I just beat the shit out of a ghost.

  23. Fantasia

    Johnny Depp (he’s deppalicious)

    yes bangs, or alternately, a mowhawk

    The Catholics like to think they are the only ones up here.

  24. 1. Grease (could watch this every day, even now – and indeed DID watch it every day one long, lonely summer)
    2. Probably Helena Bonham-Carter because I love her “don’t give a fuck what people think” attitude, plus she has an outstandingly beautiful face and seems like she’d be fun to hang out with
    3. I did once and deeply, deeply regretted it – after that, it’s your decision, but if it looks terrible it looks terrible for a LOOOOONG time (trust me on this)
    4. No, I’m a frayed knot!

  25. In answer to No. 2, MARY-LOUISE PARKER. A million times over. Done and done.

  26. Cousin Wendy says:

    1. Night at the Roxbury, Princess Bride, or Ocean’s 11 (Pitt/Clooney)
    2. Salma Hayek
    3. I need bangs, so I shan’t answer this.
    4. “…Got any grapes?” (The punchline to the only joke longer than 3 lines I can tell without totally messing up.)

  27. Ha! That photo on this post is Freudian magic. It so easily answers every single question you ask here.

  28. Mandy Lou says:

    1. Gone with the Wind

    2. Christina Hendricks

    3. Bangs!

    4. …..

  29. 1) The Philadelphia Story.

    2) (I seem to have lost all powers of imagination because I just can’t get there.)

    3) No. You’ll probably regret it.

    4) Beige. I think I’ll paint the ceiling beige.

  30. 1. Casablanca.
    2. Susan Sarandon.
    3. Can you put up with having hair in your eyes? If yes, sure, why not?
    4. “I never said she was crazy; I said she was fuckin’ Goofy!”

  31. Your Mother says:

    3. Yes!

  32. Your Mother says:

    4. There is no “f” in chocolate.

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