Archives for May 2011

We All Love Rock N’ Roll

Claudia really wanted the Barbie I Can Be Rock Star Doll Set for her birthday. Thinking that was totally awesome, I ran right out and bought it. I admit, however, to having an ulterior motive. I am going to call them Cherie and Leta and make them form a band with the Joan Jett Barbie […]

When Did Seven Become a Teenager?

THAT IS IT! I AM GOING TO CANCEL THE BIRTHDAY PARTY. I couldn’t do it again this year. We had a big party last year. This year they each have something like 28 children in their classes. If we invited them all that is 56 kids, plus all of the extra kids that come because […]

Randomness Part 135

Thoughts That Have Passed Through My Brain in the Last Week 1) Why would he pee in the street? 2) I bet I’m the only one in this choir that was just included in a tweet with Lita Ford. 3) Did she just call me Tampa? 4) Am I the only person in the world […]

I Am Your Mother. I Have Proof.

For Mother’s Day my son made me card. It included this lovely acrostic which implies that I am a keeper. This card also came with what I would call a coupon, but my son insists is a credit card, that gets me “one free set the table’. Sweet, right? When dinner time rolled around I […]