Randomness Part 135

Thoughts That Have Passed Through My Brain in the Last Week

1) Why would he pee in the street?

2) I bet I’m the only one in this choir that was just included in a tweet with Lita Ford.

3) Did she just call me Tampa?

4) Am I the only person in the world that just loses cameras?

5) My babies are going to be seven tomorrow.

6) I am going to kill that damn ice cream man if he keeps coming by here right after they finish their snack.

7) No really, why would he pee in the street?

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  1. Probably pee in the street so it goes in the gutter out to the ocean.

  2. Any chance on getting the choir to cover some Lita Ford tunes? Come on, it would be great fodder for the sermon afterward.

    And don’t worry–seven is a great age–Happy Birthday to your “babies”.


  3. Lita?!?! DO TELL.

  4. So as to not ruin the grass?

  5. Because when you gotta go, you gotta go?

    Or that’s what my dad told me when we saw a guy pee in the street when I was a kid.

    Seven. Man that seems so strange. But yeah, Bailey will be seven in July.

  6. Another request for some exposition on the Lita Ford story

  7. At least your ice cream man comes right after snack. Ours comes at 5:30. Right before dinner. Friggin 5:30. Is he kidding? I’m now the most hated mom in NJ because I NEVER let my kids get ice cream from the ice cream man. Oh how it sucks to be them :)

  8. If someone else called you Tampa that would be really funny.

  9. smart aleck says:

    Please tell me it wasn’t the ice cream man who peed in the street…

    And at least Tampa is feminine sounding…much better than if you tried to make it the “resident of the city” kind of word…because wouldn’t that be like Tampan/panian or something else that sounded like Tampon?

    Lita Ford…that’s so very cool. I can smell the Aqua Net when I read her name.

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