Being a Grown Up is Hard

When your kids tell the “What has four wheels and flies” joke over and over you would be surprised how difficult it is not to tell them the nun in a blender joke.

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  1. my 3 year old’s favorite word is “poop” and he made up a song about it. Do I encourage the budding songwriter or get on him about singing about pooping… loudly… in public… at the store… (and you thought looking disheveled was bad)

  2. I know the 4 wheels and flies joke, but I don’t know the nun in a blender joke. Somehow I think I’m missing out because of that.

  3. I hear ya, sister.

  4. I had to google that one.

  5. Love this. I’m gong to find it hard NOT to say all the jokes I’m not supposed to, to my kids when I finally have them.

    (I found you through EA!)

  6. That’s the hardest part of being a need to explain everything they asked..

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