Being a Grown Up is Hard

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  1. my 3 year old’s favorite word is “poop” and he made up a song about it. Do I encourage the budding songwriter or get on him about singing about pooping… loudly… in public… at the store… (and you thought looking disheveled was bad)

  2. I know the 4 wheels and flies joke, but I don’t know the nun in a blender joke. Somehow I think I’m missing out because of that.

  3. I hear ya, sister.

  4. I had to google that one.

  5. Love this. I’m gong to find it hard NOT to say all the jokes I’m not supposed to, to my kids when I finally have them.

    (I found you through EA!)

  6. That’s the hardest part of being a need to explain everything they asked..

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