Things I Wonder About While Watching Sons of Anarchy

Yeah, I am obsessed. You are just going to have to bear with me and my “Sons of Anarchy” rants until I catch up.

1) When you get patched in who sews them on? Gemma? Do they go to a seamstress? Do the guys do it themselves? Like when Jax took of the Redwood patch and the VP patch and then they were back on – who did the sewing? Tara? Jax? The prospect?

2) Where is the baby?

3) Just because you are the old lady of a guy in a motorcycle gang that does not make it okay to wear a black bra underneath a white tank top. ESPECIALLY if you went to medical school. I’m not saying they teach that sort of thing IN med school, but that us certainly something you should have learned as an undergrad. Plus, you can get a racerback bra if you are going to wear wife beaters out in public. Come on Tara!

4) No. Really. I see Jax. I see Gemma. I see Tara. Who the hell is watching the baby?

5) Okay, so Gabe says there was a scene where Jax was sewing his patches back on. I must have been getting a beer or checking twitter. Please disregard #1.

6) I am so glad Gemma Teller isn’t my mother.

7) Remember that scene where Gemma told Tara that she was only scared of three women: her mother, her third grade math teacher and Fiona? Man, I hope we get to meet her mother.

(I’m only in season 2 – don’t tell me anything that happens in season 3)

8 ) Will I ever be able to forgive Henry Rollins for what he did to Peg Bundy? Will I ever be able to watch “The X-Files” again without thinking of  Skinner as a white supremacist?

9) Does anyone else yell “I AM IN LOVE WITH ASSISTANT DIRECTOR WALTER SKINNER!” when Darby comes on the screen?

(Sort of off topic, but does anyone else say “I left my Cranberries CD in the quad.” or “My foot hurts. Can I go to the nurse? Every time they see Jeremy Sisto? It makes watching “Six Feet Under” much more fun, but was really distracting when he was Julius Caesar.)

10) Does Abel always wear that SoA hat? Do they ever wash it? Does he just have a drawer full? Is there something wrong with his head? Do they ever bring him into the living room or do they always just go look at him in his crib, pick him up and put him right back down? Dear God, who is watching the baby when everyone else is at the garage?

Oh my God! You can BUY THEM!!

If I send one to my brother when his baby is born do you think he will think I’ve gone totally insane?

11) If Netflix doesn’t get season 3 in the next 24 hours, where can I watch it online?

* * *

All pictures totally stolen from the internet. Mostly FX or imdb.

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  1. Floreksa says:

    We ended up buying Season 3 from iTunes. Couldn’t wait.

    Henry Rollins annoyed the ever lovin shit out of me in SOA. Every time he was on screen he looked like he had a pole shoved up his @ss and was completely confused why it was there.

    Didn’t Jemma hire a nanny? Neeta?

  2. Yes, but I don’t think Nita was live in.

  3. I wonder if there are prospects whose sole job is to babysit. Also – damn, you’re only on season 2? DAMN!

  4. Just saw today that Season 3 is coming out on August 30th. If you can wait long enough, I think they just started re-running them of FX so they might air sooner there. Or iTunes.

    Also, are you following Kurt Sutter on twitter?!/sutterink

    Good stuff there.

  5. Oh for Godsakes, how can you people obsess with SOA when True Blood is about? The abs, the teeth, the sexy bloodletting. My husband gets laid every night I watch it.

  6. The baby has a nanny, a no nonsense, no questions asked African American lady. She’s awesome.

  7. Nita? I think her name is Nita.

  8. Oh, and you can get it on Amazon on demand, but you have to pay per episode.

  9. Sewing my patches on, watching the baby, BRB. LOL RT.

    “6) I am so glad Gemma Teller isn’t my mother”

    I love you so much for so many reasons, but #6 puts it in the cliched nutshell, until the next thing that does.

    Outlaw Jam. They’ll be there. I’m just saying.

  10. “I left my cranberries CD on the quad” – YES, omg. When I see him on Law and Order? I just can’t not imagine him rolling with the homies.

  11. In our house we say, “I can accept that.” A lot. And quote Bobby (my fave) when he said uncharacteristically, “I made banana bread. It’s still warm.” That’s code for things are not what they seem in our house. I love, love SoA! Do I need to day how disturbed I was by Rollins?

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