Words Yes, Title No

There is a long story behind this, but the short version is that the tv that lives in front of my elliptical machine is not hooked up and my kids are on summer vacation so there was a mandatory dance party this afternoon.

This is how I happened to see a person Irish dancing a la Riverdance to White Zombie.

By a person, I mean, my daughter. The same daughter who earlier in the day told me that Alice in Chains reminded her of spaghetti.

And then I was certain I had seen everything.

Until I turned my back on them to type this.

When I spun back around there was some sort of Fifth of Beethoven striptease happening on my coffee table.

This was not what Walter Murphy OR Ludwig Van had in mind.

Ah, what do I know. Maybe it was what he envisioned. Maybe that is why he always looks so pissy. Nobody likes it when people dance on their coffee table.

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  1. Kids are insane. I’m pretty sure of it.

  2. Once again you bring the rock. Go Goon Squad!
    \m/ \m/

  3. That’s not your daughter in that video — it’s me! Okay, it’s not me. But those are my legs, they somehow photoshopped them into the video. Okay, those aren’t my legs. But they could have been. In 1987.

  4. That song always makes me think about you. BTW-Rob Zombie called, he would like you to call him back.

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