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Krokus. Yeah.

A long time ago a friend of mine said “This ad reminds me of you.” and showed me this. I feel like that lady every single day. I mean, I never toured with Krokus and I was ten years old for most of 1983. I never followed any band around for an entire tour, but […]

Still Counts

As a freelance writer I was totally psyched when I saw this tweet. Me? Popular Mechanics? Tried to attribute? I clicked right over. Here is what I saw. Is that my refrigerator? What the hell? Yes, Popular Mechanics used a snapshot I took of the inside of my fridge for a flickr meme. It was […]

Questions for You: El Internet Edition

It is like call and response but so much less creepy. If any of your answers are yes, please also tell me the url or @ or ticker symbol or whatever seems appropriate. 1) Do you have a blog? 2) Are you on twitter? 3) Do you have a tumblr? 4) Do you have a […]

Randomness Part 137

As I type this my daughter’s barbies are playing naked hockey. * * * Why does Amazon want me to put MY music from my hard drive into their cloud? That makes me paranoid. Are they behind me right now? * * * It pisses me off when I go to the grocery store and […]

I Never Said I Was Reasonable

The other day I was telling you about the lists I make in the notepad on my phone. Today I thought I would stick with that theme and share with you two related lists. The first one is things that make me happy when they aren’t that big of a deal and the second one […]

Deranged Might Be Just About Right

Sometimes I make these lists on the note pad on my iPhone when I think of ideas for posts. A week or two ago I began a list of words I really like. It all started when I was sitting at a stop light and I heard the word ‘thuggery” used on the radio. What […]

Suebob is What?

Today my good friend Sue turns 50. Suebob and Sarah, BlogHer 2006 That seems crazy. I remember thinking that fifty was pretty old. Suebob isn’t old. How is this possible? I mean, I understand how it is possible – I assume this means she was born on July 6, 1961 – that is how birthday […]

What Doesn’t Kill You…

My friends over at Studio 30 Plus asked if I would be one of their featured bloggers in July. This is the post I wrote for them with a few minor edits. * * * I broke down and hired a personal trainer. This says several things about me. 1) I finally crossed the line […]