Deranged Might Be Just About Right

Sometimes I make these lists on the note pad on my iPhone when I think of ideas for posts.

A week or two ago I began a list of words I really like. It all started when I was sitting at a stop light and I heard the word ‘thuggery” used on the radio. What a great word! I thought. I will make a list of words I like!

I began the list with ‘thuggery’ and a long time favorite ‘bizarre’.

All was going well until I looked at my list.

That list is messed up. What the hell is wrong with me?

I am not sure what a psychoanalyst would tell you about this list, but I can tell you this: it sure explains a lot about the guys I dated in high school.

Whatever my problem was, or more likely still is, I was feeling very ill at ease about my list.

So I fixed it.

See? Much better.

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  1. I love the word hooligan. I also love the words wanker, git and haggis.(Although I can promise I’d never touch that last one.)

    What? I want to be British.

  2. Sounds like we dated the same guys in high school! Ugh.

  3. Apryl's Antics says:

    I also love hooligan, Issa! Haggis, too, but only as pronounced by Mike Myers a la “I Married An Axe Murderer”. When I try to think of a favorite word I can only come up with Mariska Hargitay.

  4. sueinithaca says:

    ornery. That’s one of my favorites. explains both my kids and my choice in pets.

  5. Like you, I keep post-its and pads with thoughts for pending posts…

    I dare not note my two favorite words as late (that I dare not even speak out loud for fear of vocabulary assimilation): Douchebaggery and Jackassery…and they sound so much better together than apart.

    Think you bring out the hooligan in us all… 😉

  6. You know what struck me about that list? None of the words begin with a vowel.

  7. much better. and you’ve reminded me, i probably have post ideas on my phone that i’ve forgotten all about.

  8. smart aleck says:

    You were stuck at a red light, aka how The Man attempts to keep us from achieving our daily errand running, so I can see why those words were the first ones to pop into your head.

    If you were in a happy place when you jotted down your list, words like Zinfandel, Bongiovi, Mojito, Abita, beignet and jambalaya may have popped in your head instead.

  9. Ha. Who needs therapy, the clues are all around us. But so is deranged hooliganism and subversive thuggery. So be careful.

  10. I just think it’s weird we were assembling lists of words we like on the same day.

    (cue spooky theramin sound.)

    Hooligan is a great one. I think I’ll add it to mine.

    Douchebaggery is also good…

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