Still Counts

As a freelance writer I was totally psyched when I saw this tweet.

Me? Popular Mechanics? Tried to attribute?

I clicked right over. Here is what I saw.

Is that my refrigerator?

What the hell?

Yes, Popular Mechanics used a snapshot I took of the inside of my fridge for a flickr meme.

It was one of those things where you were supposed to just take a picture of your refrigerator exactly as it was. No cheating, no straightening things up or hiding gross food. This was probably five years ago.

I forgot all about it.

This was not Popular Mechanics quoting my very clever witticisms. They were not using a post I wrote as a source of something smart or important. They weren’t even using one of my nice, well composed, artful photographs. No. Popular Mechanics was using a picture of my actual refrigerator and my real food that I probably fed to my babies to illustrate an article about breeding Superbugs in the home. Hey look everyone klebsiella pneumoniae! Would you like to come over for dinner?

And they didn’t even spell my name right.


Not that this will stop me from telling people (you know, my mom, my neighbors) that my photography was featured in a recent digital edition of Popular Mechanics.

* * *


I would like to mention that 1) I have since purchased a much larger and less wrecked up refrigerator and 2) I don’t have to drink Bud Light anymore.

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  1. Awesome?
    At the very least, hilarious.

  2. “Good Squad?”

    That sounds so… ABC Family Channel.

  3. Yeah, the Bud Light is the most disgusting thing in that picture.

  4. Maybe Bud Light is the source of Klebsiella pneumoniae. Wait, what am I thinking, no, there are too many weird-ass toxic chemicals in Bud for any bacteria to survive. We used to use it to rinse dirt and grass out of wounds suffered on the rugby pitch (hey, there was more of it around than water), and nobody ever got an infection. COINCIDENCE?

  5. I presume the spray cheez is all hidden behind the Bud Light?

  6. JC Frank says:

    “I don’t have to drink Bud Light anymore”

    But you do, admit it!

  7. i like the way the orange juice is pushing the pizza over.

  8. I had a picture I took published in a travel guide of New Orleans. They also found it on Flickr.

    If I were you, I would say you were just holding that Bud Light for a friend. Disgraceful. :)

  9. Don’t lie – I know you’ve moved down to Keystone light.

  10. Oh my :-) I remember that meme

  11. You’re famous! Can I get your autograph in San Diego?!

  12. smart aleck says:

    Wasn’t that the photo you took for evidence to prove that the babysitter had invited her pizza delivery boyfriend to your house, drank on the job, and wrecked the place–all grounds for firing her without paying her for the evening’s work?

    Or was it what made you cry when you returned from the BlogHer convention in NYC?

    Or is there some sick, twisted single white blogger trying to steal your identity?

    I just can’t believe that the person who convinced me to make my bed every day had a messy fridge.

    Unless it was an April Fool’s Day meme….

  13. smart aleck says:

    And, after looking at the slideshow…they chose your picture over the one with the CAT in it?

  14. Oh God, laughing over here. You’ve made it big!

  15. Congratulations. A photo credit is a photo credit. But I think I stopped thinking when I saw that beer in a refrigerator that belonged to you. Except this?

    “This was not Popular Mechanics quoting my very clever witticisms.”

    This will never not be funny.

  16. (Also because it immediately makes me think of “It’s no Queen of the Damned.”)

  17. The cockeyed OJ makes me laugh. Classic “it was on the shelf when I closed it, so if it fell out on you and busted open on the floor that’s too bad for you” refrigerator hijinks.

    Also? Jealous of your new fridge. We’d get a bigger one, but we’d have to remodel our kitchen again, and I’d rather move to a new house than do that.

  18. Um, congratulations?

  19. Your refrigerator is famous!

  20. It will look good on your resume, in the photography section

  21. i am dying! you have officially made it! tooo funny sarah :) how did you discover this?

  22. My refrigerator has a TWIN….and they were raised by separate families!

  23. I love it! And sometimes I like Bud Light. Sometimes. Um.. I’ll even sometimes drink Coors Light. Is that wrong?

  24. Thank God you didn’t do that photo meme about clogged toilets.

  25. Your Mother says:

    And let me just tell you that I AM so very proud of you and your ifridge.

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