Archives for August 2011

I Was Standing in the Shower

I am standing in the shower and I can hear the shrieking coming down the hall. I have been in the shower almost long enough so that my hair is wet enough to put in the shampoo. I wonder what he could have done to make her so angry in such a short period of […]

My At-Bat Song

Do you have your walk-up song picked out? You know, the song that they would play for you when you come up to bat? Sports fans are nodding their heads and hitting the comment button. For the rest of you, think of them playing “Wild Thing” for Charlie Sheen in “Major League” when he came […]

They Should Also Get Off of My Lawn

I am not going to call her out by name, but I was having a conversation with a person who I am close to that just so happens to be about 10 years younger than I am. I was asking if she thought I should wear pantyhose under my floor length bridesmaid dress. She said […]

Exciting and New

For six years the tagline here has been “That’s right. You heard me.” Today that became more than a tagline. I just launched a site called “That’s right. You heard me.” over on the brand spanking new site Babble Voices. Please check it out if you have a free second.

The More Things Change…

There is a shelf above the sink in my kitchen. I set my iPad on the shelf so that I can watch things when I cook or do dishes. The other night night I was watching a documentary about Lemmy and having a particularly difficult fight with my cling wrap when I thought  Who the […]

Jani Lane, Barstools and Me

In this space where I really should be writing some sort of post about my BlogHer ’11 experience, praising the perfection that is the weather in San Diego, thanking Diva Cup for sponsoring me, telling you about the amazing people I met and posting pictures of my internet friends, instead I find myself wanting to […]

This Entire Post Revolves Around One Biggie Smalls Song

Partially because I just spent the weekend at BlogHer and it is sort of the unofficial Sparklecorn theme song and partly because my children are obsessed with songs with curse words in them, I have had the song “Party and Bullshit” by The Notorious B.I.G. stuck in my head for several days. * * * […]