This Entire Post Revolves Around One Biggie Smalls Song

Partially because I just spent the weekend at BlogHer and it is sort of the unofficial Sparklecorn theme song and partly because my children are obsessed with songs with curse words in them, I have had the song “Party and Bullshit” by The Notorious B.I.G. stuck in my head for several days.

* * *

Me: I heard your favorite song at BlogHer.

Son: Six Foot Seven?

Me: No, the other bad word song.

Son: Party and *nods*

Me: Yes.

Son: Can I say it?

Me: Just one time.

Son: Party and Bullshit.

Son: Niiice.

Son: That felt good.

My Mom: Yup. That’s your son alright.

* * *

You know the part where Biggie says “All I really wanna know is where the party’s at. And can I bring my gat?”

That line has been bothering me for a full year now.

1) Biggie should not be ending a sentence in a preposition. Not that “where the party’s at” is his worst grammatical misstep, but you know what I mean.

2) Who asks permission to bring a gun to a party?

3) Or does he mean this kind of gat? And if so, I’m pretty sure it would be okay with the hostess if he brought it.

4) I’ve been wondering if my kids think he is saying “Can I bring my cat?” which changes the whole vibe of the song, but it would be a nice easy change for radio airplay.

* * *

A little off topic, but in her Pets Bunny Bunch DS game my daughter named one of the bunnies “Shit”.

Also my child.

* * *

I love how he rhymes “terror” with “era” but it doesn’t work with my mid-western accent.

* * *

I only really like the ratatat remix.

For your listening pleasure.


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  1. Ah, Sparklecorn. One of the things I missed most from not going to BlogHer this year. (Is that wrong?) Thanks to the video of last year’s party, though, that song will definitely always remind me of a rocking good time (and being like 8 weeks pregnant and completely exhausted and wishing I could have a few vodka tonics instead of another cranberry juice).

  2. Your goons sounds pretty damn awesome. Just like yer bad self. It was cool to meet you last weekend. I remain a loyal groupie.

  3. Oddly, this stream of consciousness seemingly random post makes absolute, perfect sense to me. Could be me and my kid. Or just me, making weird grammatical associations. And that is the comment with which I will sign off. (wait – is off a preposition?) so then…off with which I will sign.

  4. In the car coming home from summer day camp my 7-year old asked, “Why does Lady Gaga want his “stick in her rear window quick?” Knock. Knock. It’s child services.

  5. I totally had this song in my head for days afterwards. Thanks for talking about “my” music for once. Ha.

    Your kids can hang with my brood and they can exchange toilet humor and cursing like nobodies business.

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