The More Things Change…

There is a shelf above the sink in my kitchen.

I set my iPad on the shelf so that I can watch things when I cook or do dishes.

The other night night I was watching a documentary about Lemmy and having a particularly difficult fight with my cling wrap when I thought  Who the hell am I? This person in the suburbs who cannot work cling wrap and watches documentaries about septuagenarian thrash metal bass players in her kitchen on a Sunday night.

And then I realized that, oh yeah, watching movies about Motörhead and struggling with basic household chores is exactly who I have been this whole time.

Life is good.
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  1. You’re the kind of chick who cares enough to remember the umlaut in ‘Motörhead’ and I think that’s pretty stellar.

    I read somewhere that for most of the 70s, Lemmy’s stench arrived a minute or two before he actually made an appearance. Seems like an adequate legacy for the bass player of a band whose name contains an umlaut.

  2. I almost called this post “You can call me Motörhead” but I thought it would be lost on most.

  3. Want to know what I took away from this? You’re more technologically savvy than me. I don’t download or rip movies, or stream or rent them online or whatever you did to be able to watch the documentary while you struggle with cling wrap in the kitchen. I just the other day (AS IN JUST THE OTHER DAY) got my two computers to talk to each other so I can listen to music while I work and share documents.

  4. Lemmy…….ugliest guy in the planet!!!!

  5. Lordy. I have such a crush on you right now 😉

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