My At-Bat Song

Do you have your walk-up song picked out?

You know, the song that they would play for you when you come up to bat?

Sports fans are nodding their heads and hitting the comment button. For the rest of you, think of them playing “Wild Thing” for Charlie Sheen in “Major League” when he came out of the bullpen.

Like these:

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.

No, I haven’t been approached by a Major League Baseball team (although I am certain that is what you were all thinking) but I have been drinking beer with the guys from my husband’s job and when this subject was broached I knew I needed to really ruminate on it.

I must choose a batting song.

So as I do, I am turning to you to help me make this important life decision.

Here are songs on my shortlist:

Bad Reputation – Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
South Of Heaven– Slayer
Twist Of Cain – Danzig
Ace of Spades – Motörhead
Dies Irae – Verdi’s Requiem
The Usurper – Celtic Frost
A Fifth of Beethoven (Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony – Walter Murphy

Help me choose my batting song. Am I missing something really obvious? What would your batting song be?

* * *

Alice Cooper photo: David Guralnick

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  1. Cousin Wendy says:

    I’d have to go with something by Muse, because I love them like I’ve never loved a band before (even more than 10yo Wendy loved NKOTB). Maybe “Hysteria” because the bassline is outstanding.

  2. I love your choices!

  3. I know something is missing from this list, although I’m not sure what. Of those listed, I’d be disappointed if you didn’t go with Joan Jett.

  4. I’m with Laurie. Bad Reputation seems perfect in an ironic kinda way.

    For me it would probably have to be something Jimmy Buffet. I’m a life long fan and there’s gotta be one that would fit.

  5. Frank Sucks says:

    Bad Reputation is all you kid.

    I think I’m a Tom Sawyer or Marathon by Rush.

  6. “Big Pimpin’.” Obvy.

  7. I could never pick anything… I’m entirely too indecisive. BUT, at an Angel game recently, a rookie was batting to Miley Cyrus, Party in the USA. He was so obviously being hazed, and we loved it.

  8. Ok I can’t choose your song and I dont know what mine is but..but.. we went to a local minor league game last Sunday. And one of the batters came to base to “I wanna Dance with somebody” by Whitney Houston. I didn’t think that would be someone’s at bat I kept listening..every time, same batter, same song. Huh. Very interesting choice. :)

  9. How sad when playing your video clip, I came to Daniel Murphy’s song, and immediately thought “Oh, that’s the theme to Rizolli $ Isles” for half a second before remembering it was a legitimate song first before being a TV show theme.

    Thing about the “at bat” song is you never get to hear much of it, just a clip. you have to pick something with a good riff that can be over in 20 seconds. Bad Reputation is perfect. For me, I would most likely go with Blur’s “Song #2”, but there are some killer tunes by Blue Man Group that I’d like to use.

  10. smart aleck says:

    First instinct, my song would have to be Only the Good Die Young by Billy Joel.
    And you, you have to go with Joan Jett because you could wear THE at bat scowl to match her sass.

  11. Verdi for sure, that should scare the piss out of the pitcher.

  12. Hell yeah, “Bad Reputation.” For me, hmm. “Ready for Action” by Gamma?

  13. South of Heaven has that anthemic vibe to it, that a lot of the players seem to like. Creeping Death, For Whom the Bell Tolls and Creeping Death by Metallica would all work well too I think. Can they just play that whole album while somebody is batting? The first 20 or so seconds from Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin is a good choice when you think about the 20 second excerpt you get.

    For myself, I’d either pick King of Mars by Monster Magnet and call it a tribute to Dock Ellis. Or Ketchy Shuby by Peter Tosh. That would make me relaxed and mellow and throw the pitcher off.

  14. Can Roots just write me something like Jimmy Fallon has as a show opener? If not I want to go all on cheese, how about the part of Springsteen’s I’m On Fire where he’s “hey little girl is your daddy home did he go away and leave you all alone.”

    For you, Bad Reputation, all the way.

  15. I keep coming back to Aerosmith’s When the Lightning Strikes. It’s because of the video with all the smashing of cantelopes or watermelon, and whatnot.

    Steven Tyler swinging a bat. Hahaha!

  16. Under a shadow you will never see the sun.

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