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  1. Stephanie says:

    Favorite Duran Duran song from the early days is A View To A Kill.

    Favorite from their “newer” songs, Come Undone and Ordinary World.

    John Taylor = dreamy.

  2. Aunt Bob says:

    John was always my favorite.

  3. Aunt Bob says:

    2. I bought Tiger Beat to get cool pics of him (yes I am going to do this 10 times).

  4. Aunt Bob says:

    3. I gave the pics of Nick to my friend Elizabeth

  5. Aunt Bob says:

    4. I think we wore out our cassette tape of 7 and the ragged tiger.

  6. Aunt Bob says:

    5. I wish there was a segment in US Weekly that showed how the Fab Five are just like us.

  7. Aunt Bob says:

    6. ‘Cause I have seen enough of Brittney Spears at Starbucks.

  8. Aunt Bob says:

    7. I may have seen A View To a Kill in theaters just because of the song.

  9. Aunt Bob says:

    8. (not Duran Duran related) Roger Moore may be my least favorite Bond but Pierce Brosnan had the worst movie scripts. no one believes James Bond would drive a German car made in South Carolina.

  10. Aunt Bob says:

    9. They have all aged well.

  11. Aunt Bob says:

    10. But my heart still belongs to John.

  12. Dawn says:

    I’ll see you there then Sarah! I’ve got tickets already myself and am SO! EXCITED! as I’ve never gotten to see JT play before. I hear you on the leaving the husband with the kids (although today is our anniversary but I’m still gone the rest of the weekend with a different set of friends). Can. Not. WAIT!

  13. WebSavvyMom says:

    –>Love Duran Duran. I met them a few years ago. Here’s a picture:

  14. Tito says:

    I was out of the Pop Culture loop even at age 12 so it should really annoy people if I win :)
    Good Luck!

  15. divrchk says:

    I am local!

  16. divrchk says:

    I have never seen them.

  17. divrchk says:

    I love there music.

  18. divrchk says:

    Crap, that should have said their…

  19. divrchk says:

    My husband and I haven’t been to a concert in way too long…

  20. Nancy says:

    I just saw them, but I’d love to see them again!

  21. Nancy says:

    You said we could enter up to 10 times, right?

  22. divrchk says:

    I even have a babysitter!

  23. Nancy says:

    As you know, John Taylor is my favorite.

  24. Nancy says:

    Gosh, I don’t think I could begin to pick my favorite DD song. My favorite album is Rio though.

  25. Tyler Hargett says:

    Saw DD in Portland OR and since then have rekindled the Duranie flame in me! Team JT for sure but love all my wild boys!

  26. Tyler Hargett says:

    I never win anything and don’t even know how I would make it to DC … Crazy right?!? DD passion does crazy things!

  27. Nancy says:

    Despite being a huge fan in high school, I didn’t get to see DD in concert until earlier this year.

  28. Nancy says:

    I did see The Power Station in 1986 though. Screamed my head off.

  29. Nancy says:

    It was weird seeing Simon sing. He has this… presence… and energy… and vibe about him that is very intriguing. Even from 40 feet away.

  30. Nancy says:

    I use their new album as my running soundtrack. It’s awesome for that purpose.

  31. Nancy says:

    I always wonder what the heck happened to Andy?

  32. Nancy says:

    Final comment: I’d love to win, but I know whoever does will have an amazing time!

  33. divrchk says:

    Is it cheesy to say one of my favorites is Hungry like the Wolves?

  34. divrchk says:

    John is my favorite.

  35. divrchk says:

    The last concert that I saw in DC was the Laurie Berkner Band. This would be such an improvement.

  36. divrchk says:

    Wow, sitting here thinking about this concert makes me realize how desperate that I am for a night out.

  37. netzilla says:

    fave song: The Chauffeur

    pick me Goon Squad!

  38. Jules says:

    I was TOTALLY going to marry Simon LeBon…..

    Not sure of my favorite song… so many…. um….

    Come Undone?

    The Wild Boys?

    I Don’t Want Your Love?

  39. Carabee says:

    My favorite song? There are so many. Rio. Hungry Like The Wold. Wild Boys. and on and on.

    I remember when Simon Lebon dyed his hair black. I was destroyed. He was so dreamy.

  40. Jenni says:

    I think I have loved Duran Duran since I was 7-years-old (that’s what happens when you have a sister 8.5 years older than you.) When she told me she was going to their concert, I cried because I was to young to go. I think I’d have to go with Rio as my favorite.

  41. Tyler Hargett says:

    Would follow DD anywhere if I had the means!!! JT is my fave but I love all the Wild Boys! You make me feel 15 years old again, your music lifts my spirits and is the soundtrack of my life! Thank you!

  42. Tyler Hargett says:

    I have liked DD since I was 6 or 7. My sister who is 4 yrs older was mad for them and I fell in love too!!! The Music Between Us since 1978 and always Reach Up for the Sunrise!!! DD ARE THE BEST on Planet Earth!

  43. Tyler Hargett says:

    I’m having a really bad day today!! Something cheer me up! DD tix would be nice!!!! :)

  44. Stacy tillman says:

    Been a fan since the 80′s great band and a great couple of fellows

  45. mamalang says:

    I hope I’m not too late. I was a crazy Duranie when I was a teenager…I have always loved Simon the most, and my best friend loved John. We were convinced they would fall in love with us and take us away from the small town we lived in. I still love them today, especially since their new song sounds so much like their older stuff!

  46. Sherry says:

    I am a Durany from way back. My and my childhood BFF (split-heart and everything) use to call Trump Tower in NYC to try to get a hold of them. Not Stalker-ish at all in a teenager sort of way. We loved them I rented the VHS tapes of their videos and would have watch fest on our birthday. I still have the albums (vinyls) in my house covered in the plastic sleeves to protect them. I would love to see them.

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