The Audition

The audition was last night.

I have to tell you that I chickened out.

I said I wasn’t going to do it. I believe the reason I gave my husband was that I was “too pissy to sing a solo”, but then I went next door and my neighbor was auditioning for a different solo and somehow that made me brave so I did it.

When the director asked who wanted to audition, I held my hand up high.

I also noted that the only other three people were all in the select small ensemble that I didn’t even come close to getting in.

That reminds me of a story my mom told me the other day. My mom told me (and I have no idea why she told me this, my birthday is in like five weeks) that she bought me a birthday card. The outside has two girls and one girl says something like “Where is your birthday party at?” and the second girl says “You shouldn’t end sentences in a preposition.” On the inside of the card it says “Where is your birthday party at, bitch?”

Of course this is exactly the perfect card for me because it involves grammar rules and calling people names – both things that I enjoy.

Anyway, the audition was weird. We all had to stay late, so while I was very warmed up from having just sung for two and a half hours, my voice was also kind of blown out already. Most of the notes I sang were lovely, but the lowest one didn’t come out AT ALL. It was just an air noise. It was also just the four of us standing around a baby grand piano which seemed so much like a scene in a movie that it was distracting. I think if we had had some wine and cheese and weren’t competing with one another we could have had a lovely time or formed a barbershop quartet.

Whatever, I don’t think I got the solo — probably due to lack of the low note, which I totally normally have, it isn’t even all that low, I was just tired. I honestly think I didn’t get it because other three women all had very, very lovely voices and are in the blue-chip group, having already proven themselves worthy.

That being said, I am very glad I tried. I feel good about it and I appreciate all of you who encouraged me to do it. It isn’t so bad not being the one selected when this is the group she is choosing from.

I mean, it isn’t so bad not being the one selected when this is the group she is choosing from, bitch.

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  1. :)

  2. GOOD FOR YOU. I also sing, and a few weeks ago some of us went out with our choir director for drinks and she turned to me and said, “WHY did you not audition for a solo at the Xmas concert??”

    Of course I got all squirmy and evasive, oh I don’t have THAT kind of voice, I’m a solid ensemble kind of voice, blah blah blah. Her response? “BULLSHIT. You’re just scared.”

    And yeah, she’s right. But YAY, you weren’t scared!!! Well, you were but you did it anyway! So right there, solo or not, you win.

  3. Hooray. Even if you don’t win the audition, it’s experience and prepares you for the next one, which you’ll totally do, right? Of course, right.

  4. No matter the outcome you’ll know you tried, which is way way better than wondering what would have happened if you didn’t even try. Good for you.

  5. I think you are a rock star. So impressed.

  6. :applause:

  7. smart aleck says:

    So glad you did it!

  8. I hope you get the solo, bitch! Wouldn’t that show ’em?!

  9. I’m proud of you, bitch.

  10. Growing up I was very involved in music and theater but somewhere along the line I developed a terrible case of stage fright and gave it up. Ever since, I have horrible time performing in front of people and often completely forget the tune which is just bizarre and totally psychological.

    Kudos to your for auditioning even if you missed the low note. I’m sure it will only get easier the next time.

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