True Story

Every time I see a yellow bell pepper I feel a compulsion to take a huge bite out of it, Chairman Kaga style.

Just me?

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  1. I’ll give you $5 if you make that face while you bite a pepper. 😉


  3. Yeah, just you.

  4. smart aleck says:

    I double dog dare ya.

  5. I miss that version of Iron Chef. And I totally want to bite the pepper.

    Which sounds way pornier than I thought it would.

  6. I’m glad to know our family isn’t the only one who loves Iron Chef. We hate the new one, but we love love love Kaga and Iron Chef. Sometimes when a “special” meal gets placed on the table, someone will say, “Alla Quizine !” (I dont have a clue what Kaga says when he unveils the secret ingredient, but that’s what we say…..)

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