Giving Thanksish

Did I tell you that I had 15 people at my house for Thanksgiving dinner?

Did I mention that 15 minutes before the big meal was served our kitchen sink totally backed up and even though we tried to drano and plunge it (I didn’t even know you could plunge a kitchen sink before Thursday) 20 potatoes worth of peels wouldn’t budge?

I don’t know if I mentioned any of that, but it helps explain this.

And this.

And also why when I woke up the next morning there were 15 crows in my back yard.

I am thankful for paper plates and plumbers and credit cards. The end.

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  1. HEY! The same thing happened at Jon’s (my husband) brother’s house for Thanksgiving one year.

    5 years before that, sewage started backing up the sewers into Jon’s sister’s house for Thanksgiving.

    THUS we have never hosted Thanksgiving for the family.

  2. Been there. We were renting a small townhouse at the time in our mid-20s. We didn’t know any better, and kept bothering the landlord to get something done, but it took until Monday to get resolved. Fun times.

    Now we own the home we’re in, so if that happens again, we call right away. And if we ever find ourselves in the position of renting and the landlord doesn’t jump on it, we call a plumber anyway and deduct the cost from rent. That’s hindsight though.

    Hope you had enough wine.

  3. Oh that sucks. You know what else stops up a disposal…carrot peels. Nothing like orange goo coming back at ya.

    Hope you had a good dinner anyway.

  4. I thought my Thanksgiving sucked what with the Turkey Brining Bag exploding inside the fridge. I didn’t even think about hosing it down. Thanks for the info, you know, for next time.

  5. We had our garbage disposal back up on Thanksgiving a few years ago. The culprit in that disaster was shallot skins. We haven’t put onion or garlic skin down the disposal since.

    Glad the weather was nice enough to do outdoor dishes!

  6. And that my friend is why I never ever peel potatoes. That sucks it happened but I must say that I applaud your ingenuity in using the hose.

  7. Compost pile is your friend, come mega-peel time (we’ve got one with worms that’s much faster!).

    And the day after Thanksgiving is the biggest plumbing day of the year.

  8. A crow for every Thanksgiving attendee. That’s just fucking poetic.

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