Proof That Television Rots Your Brain

I lived in Florida for 21 years and avoided it but after watching a mere six episodes of “Friday Night Lights” I started saying y’all.

I cannot even imagine what will happen to my vocabulary by the time I get to Season 5.

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  1. I somehow lost my y’all when I moved to VA – something about leaving Texas did that for me. But I did notice that after I watched an episode of Friday Night Lights my speech did slow down considerably and the y’alls popped back in. Apparently it brought me right back home.

  2. I’ve lived in Florida my entire life and I don’t think I have ever said “y’all.” Nope- I take that back–I did catch myself a few times after watching True Blood. Ach–proof of your theory.

  3. Just don’t say all y’all and you’ll be okay.

  4. Is Tim Riggins beautiful or what?

  5. smart aleck says:

    Love the new layout!
    And I blame Kyle Chandler for your y’all-ing. That man has the power to get me to watch almost everything he’s ever acted in (I still haven’t caught up on FNL, but will soon)–Homefront, Early Edition, Super 8. If he’s in it, I want to see it. John Cusack has the same power over me.

  6. Does Coach Taylor make you want to be a better person??? No lie (and I’m not sure if this is cool or depressing) but I’m a teacher and he’s kind of my role model–even if he is a fictional character.

  7. I found your blog on Babble’s top 100 mom blogs. That is quite a distinction, Congrats!I love your article.

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