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When people ask me what I do for a living I say “I am a writer. I am a blogger and I also sell swag.”

I’ve been thinking that if I mean to keep on telling people that I should probably actually write something here.

This has been a busy week. I turned 39, I threw out my back, I sang at the Kennedy Center, I wrote about being the cookie mom for girl scouts and I am ready for Christmas tomorrow.

Also since we last spoke, my children have taken to calling us (and their grandparents) by our first names. It makes me laugh at home and makes me feel uncomfortable in public.

My pain killers (stupid back) are kicking in and so I ought to wrap this up.

Have a Merry Christmas or a happy whatever you celebrate and please admire my lovely new blog design. My friend Janet did it.

And because I need a picture here and my Aunt sent me a bunch of old photos on my birthday, here is my first grade school picture.

I suppose this is why people don’t blog on painkillers very often.

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  1. I just recently started telling people “I am an online writer,” when they ask what I do. I enjoy saying it. Have a merry Christmas!!

  2. Also, I like posting blue comments.

  3. It’s Claudia! With slightly darker hair and longer bangs.

    When Stimey claimed she was going blue, I assumed there would be more cursing.

  4. I was just thinking a few weeks ago that I want this style done on my own blog. I keep meaning to email Janet. Looks great!!!

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